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Easy Summer Dessert

Lets take a few minutes and give a shout out to all those food bloggers out there who regularly cook and stage their food.  It’s no small task to make something that smells up the whole house and then have your family wait as you take…oh I don’t know…thirty pictures…of whatever it is you’ve cooked.
You wanna see people who need a big dose of anger management?  You just try taking pictures of a peachy perfect cobbler, while the Trader Joe’s ice cream is melting on the countertop.
This family of mine don’t play around with their sweets.  They could care less about pictures for a blog.  Anyone relate?   
So, here’s how this cobbler came to be.  
Lydia begged me for peaches at Trader Joe’s this week.
I made her twist my arm, and then I bought them.
Those peaches had the nerve to start going soft on us within a day of purchasing them.
And then I remembered my mom’s easy cobbler recipe. The end.
This recipe has been around forever, but I’m giving my mama credit for it because she’s made it every summer for as long as I’ve been alive.  
If your mom made it for you, then by all means, give her credit for it, too. 

If you’re having company over this summer or heading to someone else’s for a meal, and you need a super easy dessert, you need to look no further than this post right here.

Here’s what you’ll need::
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
1 stick butter
Fruit of choice (frozen or fresh) (strawberries, blueberries, peaches all work great!)
1 super cute helper *
I know, right?  Does it get any easier than this?  
Not unless you plan to pick something up at Kroger, it doesn’t.
Here’s what you’ll do::
Melt your stick of butter in your dish in the oven. (you can use a pie dish or a casserole dish)
Mix your flour, sugar, milk and vanilla in a bowl and let your super cute helper stir it reeeaaal good.
Put your fruit of choice in your dish on top of the melted butter and then pour flour/sugar/milk mixture over the top of it and bake at 350* for 30 minutes.
Serve warm with ice cream and watch your people drool and lick their plates.  No joke.  They will.
Or is it just my family?

Deborah - Hi Tara!
What a wonderful way to enjoy fruit even more in the summer!
Thanks so much for the recipe…it sounds so good, and what a sweet little helper you have!
It reminds me of days when my daughter was young like that and her hair was down to her waist and she helped with all the housework and loved it. She was making her double bed at such a young age that I would just giggle at it.
To this day, her hair is down to her waist, she LOVES housework and cleaning and is still Mommas helper ;)
God blesses me with the most beautiful children who are also now friends. ;)
Have a wonderful day!
And about the blogging comments..I have to son is in his early thirties and when I go out to eat with him, he says, “Mom I hope you are not going to take a picture of your meal”! Lol What can I say…I’m a blogger!
Hugs to you sweet Tara!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxooxox

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Peaches are my favorite–I love them in any form. Your cobbler looks sooo good!
My family definitely rolls their eyes when the camera is out in the kitchen–it’s even worse when it is at the table! ;)

{A*very} Cottage Home - Oh Yum!!! Tara this recipe is divine! I am pinning it to my Recipe Board and I can’t wait to try it! I hope that your back is feeling better. I have chronic back pain due to a degenerative lower disc. It’s no fun when you get put out of commission due to your back. You realize how much every move depends on your back when it goes out. I loved your post about all the things that go “un done” when Momma is out with her back. Hope this peach pie helped to make it better!

Tricia - Yumminess! This looks so good. Your little helper looks like she’s enjoying herself. My family reacts the same way if I want to photograph something they’re ready to gobble up…especially my daughter, she loves her sweets.

Aren’t peaches in season there right now? On the way home from South Carolina, my parents went to Georgia and brought home a bunch of peaches. My mom was so excited to eat them that she made pies and crisps with them right away.


MDP - Love this recipe! My mom used to make it, too! :) Hope you are feeling better!

Jboo - Sounds perfect and I will be copying it!! Can almost smell it too!! :) Happy Friday!

Mindy Whipple - We have been picking berries a lot around our house but peaches sound like a wonderful change in a cobbler!

Tiffini - my mouth is watering…looks so good
and YES we can relate:)

carissa @ lowercase letters - right now you are my hero. because my bff just gave me a dozen peaches and this is an egg-free recipe – perfect for my egg allergy boy. sa-weeeeet!

Sheryll And Critters. - Hi Tara!

Now this definitely caught my eye and grabbed my attention. I think my mom called cobblers a “Tarkill”. Something to do with the way the men would fire up to get the tar???? Anyway, I have NEVER ever made one. I am wanting to make one right now…… how much frozen fruit do I need? I have nibbled on my frozen blueberries and made some ‘kitchen’ muffins with the frozen mangoes…… so help? I really don’t want to run to the store right now.

Thank you for posting this recipe. I do believe that even I can make this one, IF I have enough fruit.

Sheryll & Critters.

Kelly Cach -!!! This is the recipe I use, toooo!!! Even the process is the same…melting butter in pan in oven (not the microwave;). I give credit to my Great Grandma…this is how she did it. She did add a sugar and cinnamon mixture sprinkled over the top….oh, my! I take this to every potluck and every Thanksgiving dinner we’re invited to. And they ALWAYS ask for the recipe. So yeah, I love this cobbler :)

jigs - I have tried this recipe twice and it was a fail both times… :( very sad because I was looking forward to some cobbler. Any ideas as to what may have gone wrong? I followed the recipe as stated. I used frozen fruits… The first time I put them in frozen. The second time I put them in thawed. Same result. Just a huge sopping mess. Looks nothing like the picture.

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