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Easiest Afternoon Snack EVER.

This is not an original idea.
If you go to Pinterest and search for crescent roll ideas, you’ll get way more than you asked for!
In fact, there are so many recipes out there, 
I feel sure you could make some concoction with crescent rolls every day for the rest of your life.
Here’s my version::
Chocolate Chip Crescent Rolls with Sugar on top
1 can of crescent rolls
A handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips
A pinch of sugar on top of each one
My ingredients are from Trader Joes.  
It makes me feel better to eat fattening foods that are minus additives/preservatives!!
{kind of like when I used to eat a candy bar while drinking a diet coke}
Here’s a picture of my kiddos destroying them.
What you don’t see are the two that I’m shoving down my throat while taking the picture.
One handed picture taking…now that’s a mad skill.
{thankful for}
251. my talk with Missy this morning.
252. afternoon snacks that make us HaPpY.
253. friends coming over to play this afternoon.
254. laundry almost finished.
255. My first advertiser!

Traci - Yum! i'll have to give these a try!

Lindsey Brackett - I made the fruit and cream cheese version the other night as a supper side. Yum.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse - yummy! why does everyone (but me) in blogland live near a trader joe's? your girlie is the cutest little doll.

Janie Fox - a candy bar and a Diet Coke… oh I remember those days! hehe

{northern cottage} - isn't a warm snack the BEST on a cold winter day – what fun for the kiddos – you might like this one too:

Lisa - Ahh…yummy! I love Pinterest and could (and do) spend hours perusing all the wonderful recipes. We make the crescent rolls either with ham and cheese, or with Nutella.

Farmgirl Paints - seriously girl that about did me in. this no sugar thing is HARD!

twest70 - Tara,
You are so creative and what a great yummy looking post! Yeah on the advertising, so proud of your accomplishments in blog world. You are the bomb!

Shannon - In France they call these "pain au chocolate" (chocolate bread) it's every child's favorite breakfast food =) Your children are so cultured ;)

Cat - I think we are reading each other's blog at the same time b/c I just read your most recent post and then I noticed some emails pop up and they were comments from you! ha! ;) Anyway, these cresent rolls made me drool! yum. I love chocolate and I LOVE cresent rolls. Two of my fave foods…sign me up! And, YAY for your advertisers. How cool! Isn't blogging just the greatest? Thanks for all your sweet comments (just read them). So encouraging. I'm in constant awe of what God is doing in our marriage. He is so amazing!

GLENDA CHILDERS - YUM … I haven't had sweets is ages. This look so easy and delicious.


Barbara - By the looks on the kido's face's they must be as good as they look.

Sandee - Mmm.. yummy! Those look delicious.. can't wait to make some!

Tiffini Kilgore - this would be my downfall for sure
ssshhh…I am making chocolate brownies tonight;)

hometown girl - my kiddos would love these! thanks for the idea! i think i have everything on hand!! enjoy the weekend! susan

Tricia - Oh my, these sound so good! I wonder how many calories are in them if you eat about a half a dozen, since that's what I would do :)

Rach@In His Hands - Oh yes. Pass me a handful of these! They sound amazing.

Life with Kaishon - These are so cute. I think I will make some of those tomorrow for Kaishon and his friends when they want a snack.

Kim B. - I don't do pinterest since I'm not on twitter or facebook so LOVED this idea & no, I haven't seen it :) My boys will TOTALLY thank you once I serve them this :) I have a feeling I"m going to have to triple the recipe!!

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