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Dreams & Winners

…to reach the lost.
…to be a stay at home mom.
…to make your bedroom your own.
…to adopt internationally.
…to have a family.
…to have your own bi-annual sale at your parents’ farmhouse with all your refurbished items.
…to live each day without worry.
…to bloom where you’re planted.
…to work from home.
…to bless another family in need.
…to become a mom despite breast cancer.
…to mentor & disciple college girls.
…to be in ministry after retirement from ministry.
…to become a better photographer.
…to homeschool.
…to help children everywhere.
…to become a mom.
…to have a home that is welcoming to everyone.
…to have more children after losing a precious one just recently.
…to publish a book.
…to find more ways to share your home.
…to move to Hawaii.
…to live on a farm.
…to care and fight for orphans.
…to license your artwork.
…to own your own pet-sitting business.
…to be a talk show host.
…to have a more simple life.
…to do medical missions.
…to build a DIY business.
…to create a streamlined way of adopting.
…to reach out to those that are hurting.
…to have your family all together.
…to organize your home.
…to go back to school.
…to be a vessel God uses.
…to be the hands and feet of Jesus to others.
…to do something with quilting and crafts.
…to listen to God.
…to have bigger dreams.
…to have my children love and follow God.
…to follow God’s call.
…to write a children’s book.
…to go to Africa as a missionary.
…to own a business that serves to equip, empower and encourage others.
…to spend more time on the beautiful gulf coast with your family.
…to get back to the country.
…to be a working mother.
…to mother as a profession.
…to love the less fortunate.
…to make a difference.
…to own a pine tree plantation.
…to see your husband have a job that helps him come alive again.
…to find a cure for cancer.
…to find a balance between work and home.
…to see your daughter go to the same school that your boys go to.
…to raise your daughters to be strong, compassionate and loving.
…to own a bed and breakfast.
…to move back to Idaho.
…to live your life in a way that pleases God.
…to be hospitable. start your own sewing business.
…to be healthy.
…to open a no-kill animal shelter.
…to start a retreat for people in ministry.
…to start a home bible study for your daughter and her friends.
…to choose joy.
…to travel and teach your little ones about the world.
…to have a calligraphy business.
…to illustrate a children’s book.
…to bring Ruby Grace home.
…to raise your daughter from China to love and serve God.
…to adopt.
…to help others who are caring for aging parents.
…to travel in medical missions.
…to teach
…to be a reading tutor.

I read each and every comment from all of you who entered, and I am blown away by your dreams.
Thank you for sharing them with me!!!! 
I know that God knows each one of them, and I hope & pray you begin to live into them.
God has taught me so much about allowing myself to dream big things.
He’s teaching me that those thoughts I have usually come from him.
He’s also teaching me to not just think about them but to move into them…to take a step, even if it’s small.

I feel more connected to your hearts because you shared some of yourselves me with…
this blogging world can be a little lop-sided, don’t you think?
I just want you to know that I really appreciate you taking time to read my ramblings and leave comments.
I love your hearts!

Without further adieu…….

The winner of our vertical family rules sign is::
Abby from Eat, Run, Teach!!!

The winner of our Sunshine sign is Chrissie from In His Grace!!!

Congratulations to both of you…Please email me with your mailing address, and I’ll pop those signs in the mail!!

Laura @ Top This Top That - I just love this post. Sitting here numb from the tragic death of my 22year old niece last week and her only hope would be that we continue to pursue our dreams and live life to the fullest.

slip4 - Thanks for condensing the comments…it is a powerful list of dreams to read through!

eatrunteach - Just emailed you! Thanks! I’m so excited!

Kelly Cach - What an awesome list of dreams!!! Thanks for sharing them. And I agree…every idea, thought, or dream is God inspired… So anything is attainable through Him :)

Megan - Dreams are wonderful things and God is a mighty God! I love this post! Happy anniversary and thanks for the reminder of all the dreams of mine that have come true and those that are still in my heart. How are you feeling, by the way?

Farmgirl Paints - I love you. That’s all. Happy Easter friend.

WhiteWhispers2u - Congrats to the winners and prayers for all whole have special dreams! ~K.Marie

GLENDA CHILDERS - Such a fun list.

Happy Easter, Tara,


It's me - Happy easter…love Ria…xxx…!!!

Tiffini - happy easter sweet friend..just thinking of you and wanted to pop in
i am so hungry–funny thing to say in a comment right? but i am
i am so wanting something fattening and chocolate and that has a load
of carbohydrates..ok that being said
have a beautiful weekend with your family and worship
love ya!xo

thistlewoodfarm - Happy Easter to you sweet Tara! Love your amazing creations and all that you do to inspire! Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!


Tracy - Happy Easter! Congrats to the winners!! I think your signs are awesome!

Lynn Richards - Congrats to your winners!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - that was quite a list… loved reading them all. Happy Monday to you sweetie!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - This list is AWESOME! It just rocked my socks off!

Christine - I hate you didn’t pick me ;) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Awesome!

Sibi - You are just beautiful!! And in every possible way!! I so wish we could meet in real life!!

Paige just raves about you and loves you to pieces!!! :)

Soon. We will make it happen. Atlanta. The Varsity. A squeal fest in the parking lot. Hot dogs and fries!!

This. And soon!!!!

Love to you sweet friend!!

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