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DIY Ornaments

I went to the coolest ornament party that my sweet friend, Jackie, hosted last weekend.
She started this tradition around 16 years ago, and she says it’s her gift to her friends.
She serves all sorts of goodies with coffee, hot chocolate and some great wines.
Generously, she supplies all the materials needed for the ornaments!
This year she had four ornament options for us to make, and they were all really cool.
We all watched our awesome UGA team lose the SEC championship in the last few seconds of the game.
It was nearly tragic…I didn’t think we would recover to make ornaments, but we rallied and had a blast!
I got home and my kids begged asked if they could make them to, so we set out to Joann Fabric for our supplies.
Here’s where I have to admit that I think I might be addicted to these little birds.
You know you have a problem when you add making more of them to your to-do list.
I think we’ve now made 8 of them, and the kids are making more tonight.
In fact, my oldest son wants to make a santa…I’ll get back to you on how that turns out!
If you’re like me, and you want to add little Christmas projects into your already crazy December,
then this project might just be for’s super easy & cheap.
Is there a better combination than easy & cheap? Nope, there isn’t.
You can find every kind of tutorial you ever wanted to see over at Pinterest.
I’m not a sewer at all…not even a little bit…and they were fairly easy for me to catch on to.
Happy Christmas crafting!
Here are a few of the others we’ve done this week…
You’ll need::
Felt sheets…every color possible
Buttons…as many as you can collect
fabric scraps for your wings, but you can totally use other colors of felt, too.
embroidery thread…also in every color possible
needles..the bigger the better
Oh!  And you’ll need 1 bag of poly-fil.
We made our own template, but I’m sure you could find one from a Pinterest tutorial.
You just cut the felt from your template.
Then, you sew the eye and the wing me, I learned this the hard way. 
After you get all that done, you begin sewing the bird together.
I started with the little triangle of felt that I cut for the’s good to sew the beak on first.
Be sure to leave yourself enough room at the end to stuff your little guy.
I’m linking up with Centsational Girl, so if you get a chance go check out the 500 other bloggers 
who are showing off their crafting skillz.
I’m also linking with Nester because she’s having a christmas craft party, too!

The Avery House - Tara those little birdie ornaments are so sweet! I think they would be perfect to make with my Sunday School class kids so that we can gift them to the nursing home behind our church. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. I get on Pintrest and get overwhelmed sometimes so it is nice ot see an idea that has already been done and given the thumbs up! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Sorry your Daawgs lost. I rooted for you all since my school is currently in a very bad losing slump. Our dog Smokey even had to tuck his tail recently after so many losses. Tell Uga not to laugh at him.;-)

Alicia - so adorable!! they remind me of something swedish or something…fun to do with your kids!

Sally - Oh my goodness. I have about… 5 of these that my grandma made more than 20 yrs. ago! Each of the granddaughters has some. They are all solid colors, but it looks like they are constructed/stitched the same way. I LOVE the more colorful version! Truth is… I think my grandma was addicted to making them, too! She used to sit in her chair & do all kinds of crafts. She made LOTS of these! We usually just nestle them in the branches of the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

slip4 - Your birdies are so cute!

Coastal Cottage Dreams - Your bird ornaments are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad - Those are too cute!

Laura from Top This Top That - how sweet. we have done homemade ornaments but never birds. hope you are fully recovered from the loss, there’s always next year for our dawgs.

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Your new birds are so fun! I love the little flower shape–what a cute addition! :) I love that your kids want to make them, too. I made several ornaments with Hadley today while she was home sick from school. It is addictive!


Cody and Danica - I’m making these tomorrow! Cuz heaven knows I need more ornaments and projects! But projects keep me sane!

Empty Nest Full Life - I have this funky little tree in the breakfast area, and birds may be just what it needs. Very cute!

Christi - How cute! I ave a tree full of birds in my breakfast room – I will add a few of these. Didn’t realize when I commented the other day about the clock that we lived so close! Small world! xo

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - How fun to go to an ornament making party! I love your little felt sweet! I have some on my tree, but they are store bought so not quite as charming, but still cute. :)

Katie - Adorable! But let’s talk more about this ornament party…because that sounds like such a sweet tradition :)

ziondreamer - So cute. You’re so crafty! I love it.
Also, your blog is looking so good. Professional. Way to go!

Playing Sublimely - Love this :)

Lisa Montsion - Your Christmas ornaments are so unique and cool.


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