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DIY Burlap Wreath

This is one of those posts where you might leave thinking that I do a stellar job of tooting my own horn.
It’s really not because I’m too big for my britches.
I’m just super excited that I actually made something from my DIY boards.
I realized last week that I still had my Fourth of July wreath on the front door,
and since we’re now in August, that just wasn’t going to work anymore.
I knew I didn’t want to do anything too “Summerish.”
What with me being over here literally counting down the days until September arrives.
My pumpkin spice candles are begging me to light them!!
I wanted something that I could use for a few months
and this burlap wreath seemed like the perfect solution!!
I added my wooden football in honor of the upcoming football season at UGA.
And, I think I’ll change it up a little for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Shoot.  I mean even throw some Christmas ribbon on it, too!

The supplies you’ll need are::
*one straw wreath from Michaels 
(keep the plastic on it to save yourself a mess)
*a box of stick pins
(I bought a box of 600 for around $4)
*about 2 yards of burlap
(cut 4.5 X 4.5 inch squares…I lost count after about 100 of them)
*ribbon of choice for your bow
(I bought the black/white striped one from Michael’s already assembled for about $4)

You’ll roll each square from corner to corner and then use a pin to secure it to the wreath.
{It took me around 30 squares to go all the way around.}
Then, you’ll roll about 30 more squares and put each one between the other rolls.
I offset the second layer of burlap rolls so that you could visibly see layers when you turned it over.
Okay…when you complete these two layers on this side, this will be the back of your wreath.
This side will lay against your door.

Now, turn that side over so that you can start covering up the sides of the wreath.
You’ll continue to roll one square at a time from corner to corner.
When it’s rolled, you’ll put each roll along the sides of the wreath and pin each roll down in the center.
You’re going to do this step on the outside of the wreath and on the inside of the wreath.

After you’ve covered the outside and the inside and you’ve put two layers on the backside,
you’ll have a small strip all the way around the top of your wreath that will need to be covered.
I rolled a square of burlap and then twisted it in the center like above.
Then, I turned each of these rolls on their sides and pinned each side down near the center thick section.
In other words, if you picture the burlap roll up above turned to look like a “C,” then you’ve got it!

In the end, you’ve got a very multi-seasonal wreath for under $20.
I had my burlap so I think I’ve only got around $12 in the whole wreath!
Now, THAT is my kind of DIY project.

If you’ve got questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.
I realize I’m not the best at giving clear directions.

{thankful for}

501. My new cuff from Becky!!
502. Grilled hamburgers with jalapeño peppers and crumbled goat cheese for dinner!
503. a great day of school today…light bulbs going off for Seth in English.

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slip4 - Your hamburgers made me drool! I will pin this wreath and make a date with my sweet crafty friend to make one.
My niece just started at UGA – from a high school graduating class of 14! and she loves it. I may need to visit. Some really cool bloggers (you and Paige!) seem to love it too.:)

Kelly - Love the wreath! I think I am inspired to make my own:-)

Alicia - this is so completely cute!! i love it! might just have to make one to make my door fally. you new blog look is adorbs as well!!

T - Beautiful. I REALLY wanna make this wreath, but I suffer from a learning disability, i.e., I almost have to SEE it being made (visual) learner to really get a good grasp of HOW. I lost you after the first two rows were in place. :)

I will re-read and figure this one out. I’m certain it will be worth my extra focus of brain cells.

Love this!

Morning T - LOVE your wreath and wowza with the new blog design, it’s fabulous!!!

Sarah - Love it! It’s wonderful! Of course, not the UGA part, but every other part of it is fab!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - That really is adorable. My man would love it if I put a football themed thing on our door. LOL

I’m ready for fall too… I kept pinning white pumpkins last night and realized it. LOL

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam - This is totally too cute! toot your horn about it all you want – you deserve to!

Fancy - Very cute! I might try one of these soon. My poor front door is bare and boring.

Margaret - Love your wreath!! I actually made a very similar one a few months ago but I used a foam wreath and a bird tried to make a nest on it and it ended up on the ground ans broken in three pieces…lol. I still have it and need to put it back together. I will buy a straw wreath this time, that will definitely work better. Thanks for coming by my blog.

Kim B. - LOVE this!!!

LLH Designs - You GO with the DIY wreath, girl! Love the football spirit! xoxo!

Jen - Beautiful job! Love that you made it so full :~)

Teresa - Jenifer “brought” me here and I’m glad.
I’ve been babying the idea of a Christmas theme on Burlap and Lace.
Yours wreath turned out wonderful. Congratulations!

April - Love this wreath idea. I am dense today and I’m not understanding where you started on the wreath with puttin these squares in. Did you just start in the middle of the front of it and then put another layer toward the inside and th outer part? Maybe more pictures would have been helpful for me. LOL

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