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DC Vacation recap 2012

Here is a photo bomb of about a third of the pictures that I took on our DC trip.
We toured Mt. Vernon, the capitol, the Natural History Museum, The Air and Space Museum,
the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument and we visited Alexandria & Georgetown.
We also trekked over to Philadelphia for a couple of days.
Get ready for a ton of pictures, and I didn’t even show you the history museum or the air and space.
Whew~  Trip of a lifetime!

DC is a wonderful city to visit, but be prepared, you won’t be able to see everything in one trip.
{unless you plan on staying longer than a week!}
We knew we wanted to tour Mt. Vernon, home place to George Washington.
It was the first thing we did when we woke up our first morning there.
Luke had written a big paper last year on him, and he loved every minute of our time there.
He even chose his souvenir there, which was a George Washington bobble head.:)
We learned how they made very bittersweet chocolate back then because the Washington family loved hot chocolate.
It tasted very different than the hot chocolate that is served up at my house!

This is one of those places that you really need to eat at if you visit DC.
It has been around since around 1856, and it’s been a favorite of most of our US presidents.

Seth is obsessed with Abe Lincoln.  We all kind of are, if I’m honest.
We thought this would be a quick visit, but the truth is, we hung out at his memorial for a long while.
You could see the Washington Monument with the reflection pond from the stairs, and the whole experience was a little overwhelming.
We read his words as a family and all got a little verklempt thinking about what this great man did for our nation.

We also contacted our congressman about a month before we travelled because we wanted to tour the capitol.
I would HIGHLY recommend this as part of your tour. 
 It is housed and used by our congress, but it is also the most beautiful American history art museum.
It is filled with statues and it was fascinating to hear stories behind why each statue exists there.
You will be awestruck by our capitol’s beauty.  There is a purposed reason behind every single part of it’s design.
We studied the War of 1812 last year, but it was so amazing to hear our tour guide talk about the tenacity of our leaders to rebuild the capitol after a portion of it was burned in that war.
This building has stood since the 1800’s…amazing.
 It was wonderful having a well-versed tour guide explain to us about the House of Representatives and the Senate. 
 My kids walked away with a better understanding of how they both work for our government.
{and so did we!}

We also spent some time in Alexandria and Georgetown, which are some of the most beautiful towns ever.
I could live in Alexandria.  The end.
Good food. Beautiful cobblestone roads.  Good shopping.  Enough said.

We started dreaming about a trip to DC & Philadelphia last year when we studied American history & geography.
The kids worked so hard to learn all the presidents, and they loved learning all the  states & capitols!
Luke, our oldest, read the best books on all of our Heroes of History to go along with our history program.  
I think there were 23 or 24 books that covered so many of the greatest men and women in our history.
We had originally planned to go last May, but we bought our home, so the trip got postponed.
This Christmas, during our break, seemed like a better time to aim for it.
It was the most wonderful trip we’ve taken together.  The kids are at great ages, and we enjoyed every part of it.
Well, until I got food poisoning in Philly.:)

And, this is why you’ll only get to see shots of the Liberty bell and our meal at the famous Geno’s Philly Cheesesteaks from our time there!
Andy was a saint and took the kids all over Philly while I laid up in that dark hotel room as sick as a dog.
He even came back late in the afternoon to grab all of our laundry and wash it at a laundromat.
Saint, I tell you.
We had to cancel plans to go back for our last night in DC to ring in the new year,
but the trip was still absolutely wonderful.

I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!  We’re being super lazy because we know that come Monday,
school is back in session!

{thankful for}
644. holiday breaks.
645. January…new beginnings.
646. lydia’s new chopsticks and her determination to learn how to use them.
647. 2nd cups of coffee.
648. wonderful vacations that bring us closer together as a family.

paige - great tips & great photos too!
please don’t move to alexandria though xoxo

Art and Sand - I took a school group of 150 to DC one spring break and we threw in Gettysburg and Williamsburg. It was an incredible experience, but I so much want to go back to see everything slower and eat at better restaurants.

Jenny - Finally figured out how to comment..ha! Great Photos…another blog I read from time to time just shared their trip to Paris. So far this January I’ve been to Paris and DC all in the comfort of my home! Fun! Thanks for sharing! Jenny Carroll

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D - Ugh, sorry to to hear about the food poisoning :(

We’re thinking about doing DC either this summer or next.
It will be the first time for all of us.

My husband is a history buff.
Me, not so much – but he makes it come alive.
Hopefully it will come alive for our 15 year, too.

slip4 - I live in Richmond, VA, so I would love it if you moved to Alexandria! Then I might actually get to meet you :) My sister lives in Alexandria, and I used to live there (not as pretty a part of it) and I have to say that the traffic can make life miserable there. I consider it a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Sweat Is My Sanity - Gees you got some great pics. Yay for family vacations. I’m still dying to go to D.C., I’m such a dingy for not visiting my parents there when they lived there for 2 years. They’ll never let me live that down.

Christi - What an amazing trip! I haven’t been to DC since I was 13, and my family has never been. We’re planning this trip for NEXT (2014) Spring, when our boys are 11 & 9. So excited!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Love your pictures! I was unprepared for how emotional those memorials would make me. We spent way longer there than we had planned. Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!! :)

Megan - I would love to take a trip like this! I haven’t been since my 8th grade school trip and something tells me I would get much more out of it now. It’s so good to hear your kids loved it too, all that home school has instilled such a love of learning in them! Sorry to hear that you got so sick…that sounds awful but happy you have a good man by your side to take care of you and the kids. Enjoy your last few days off…we go back to school on Tuesday!

Theresa Novak - I am sorry to hear you got sick in Philly. Was it at Geno’s? I like Pat’s better, anyway.

The Lincoln Monument was very emotional for us as well when we were in DC. There was just a certain feeling there that was so powerful. After reading your post, I really want to go back and see the Capitol and go to the museums! I hear the National Aquarium is really great, too!

Tricia - That sounds like such a great trip…except for the part about you being sick :( I’ve never been to DC, but I’d love to visit there. My dad sent me an email recently that said how there are a lot of bible verses etched into the Federal buildings and monuments there and that Moses and the Ten Commandments are engraved into parts of the Supreme Court house building…I bet that would surprise many people to learn that. Hope your new year is off to a good start!

Dawn - oh I LOVE this trip…we were in DC/Virginia/Williamsburg in 1996, and our boys were too young to remember…I so want to take this trip again…LOVE all your pictures!!

The Avery House - Beautiful photos of your trip! My dad lives up there in Alexandria and we always enjoy going for visits. Mt. Vernon is one of my favs. I am glad y’all had such a wonderful time!

LLH Designs - So happy for your family to have such a wonderful trip together. Loving what you’ve shared so much that I now want to go! Except for the sick part, sounds PERFECT! {Had to have a little something in there to remind us nothing this side of heaven is perfect, right?} xo!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Super excited about all of this because Adrain LOVES DC and has been wanting to take the kids and I there for years!! Didnt know you could get your congressman to take you on a tour of the capital! That is fantastic. Love you photos and so sorry you got sick. That is a bummer.

Sarah - I love Alexandria too! My sister used to live there, and it was so fun to go visit there. Unfortunately I haven’t been since college, and I definitely didn’t appreciate all the fun home shops and stuff at that age. ;) Washington DC is so awesome too. I loved watching your trip through instagram! What a trip of memories y’all made. Hate that you got sick though. Sick in a hotel room is horrible! Glad you all made it home healthy and happy!

Amy Cherise - We will live in Alexandria with you!!!

Chenille Cottage - Thank you for sharing a bit of Alexandria and your precious family. You’ve been blessed! Happy Birthday to your little Lydia. She is adorable.
My granddaughter, Lilly, turned six on January 6th. Little girls are so much fun.
Blessings and thank you for letting me stroll through your beautiful blog.
I now live in the Pacific Northwest but have visited Alexandria a number of times. It’s so full of amazing history. I enjoyed each visit entirely.

Sugar and Spice - I love reading your post. Your family is beautiful.

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