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Creating Inspiration Boards for a Fall Mantle

Y’all, I’ve got a fall pinterest board with almost 400 pins on it,
which means there’s not an excuse for me to keep things the same every year.
I wouldn’t want to anyway. A little change keeps things exciting around here!

Around the middle of August, I start letting myself think about my pumpkin spice candles.
I know some of you think I’m crazy, but follow my thought process…
 My kids start school at the beginning of August, and the start of school always means fall to me.
Remember when we used to start school long after labor day?
Well, labor day has come and gone, and my kids have all been in school for 4 weeks now.
You’ll be happy to know my candles are officially lit.
Not only that, but I’ve started gathering ideas for my mantle this year.

Remember when I showed you that extra large piece of art we bought locally to go above the mantle?
It’s not exactly the kind of art I want to take down for the holidays, or at least not for fall decorating.
So, I’m on the hunt to add things to the mantle that won’t take away from the art that we love so much.

I thought I’d show you some of the inspiration I found today…





Inspired Room

So  many great ideas, right?
All these clever people have created beautiful fall mantles with simple touches of fall.

These lovely ladies are holding their annual fall linky parties, and these parties help me get my act together.
Mark your calendars with me, and we’ll ease into fallifying our homes together this year!

Yvonne @ StoneGable - I certainly can use this help! Great post!!! Mantels are the hardest for me!

Sheri - I am competing with a ginormous TV and sound bar on and above my mantel. It’s a man’s world here, and I just live in it. I did get my fall yankee candle tarts going so the house smells like fall, but it’s just so dang hot here still… my car temp was 100 yesterday :(

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