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Cork Board Tutorial

I love a great DIY project.
I swear…I’ve got a hundred of them pinned on Pinterest,
 but I’m never going to be crowned the DIY queen!
Nope.  There’ll be no awards or trophies handed out to me.
I really need to make more time for it though, because it’s fun once I get started!

Apparently, I also won’t win any awards for great picture staging.
Look at that mess on her chest.
Who has time to clear things off for a picture?
Everything you see are things she enjoys looking at, listening to or reading.

And, on a totally unrelated side note….Lydia’s walls are the prettiest shade of baby pink.
Someone out there who knows something about taking pictures,
please tell me why the walls aren’t showing up pink!!

Okay!  For the cork board you’ll need::
1.  A large, cheap picture frame
I got mine at a yard sale for $5.00!!
2.  A piece of plywood or just use the existing canvas if the frame has one in it.
We secured our plywood into the frame with nails.
3.  Picture hanging materials
We used wire with eye hooks.
4.  You’ll need as many rolls of cork as you need to fit your board from a craft store of your choice.
Our large board took two rolls that we picked up from Joanne Fabrics.

We painted the nasty brass picture frame creamy white
and then distressed it a little with some brown and grey paint that we mixed together.
We also used a dry rag with a little stain on it once we were finished just to add an extra touch.
We secured the plywood into the frame and then added the picture hanging wire to the back.
And last, we hot glued the rolls of cork onto our plywood and let it dry before adding some pictures!

I’m not the best DIYer and I’m REALLY not the best at giving tutorials.
I have full confidence that if I can pull this off, you can, too!

This doesn’t have anything to do with the cork board,
 but I wanted to share with you our very favorite bible story books.
I’ve read these to all three of my children from the time they were itty-bitty babies.
We have Volumes 1, 2 and 3, but I just noticed there is a Volume 4.
STOP THE BUS.  I’m ordering it now.
I wonder what my boys will think when I force them to let me read it to them at bedtime?
I can’t NOT read them Volume 4!!!!

{thankful for}
485.  a great first day of school for Luke!
486.  a wonderful weekend together as a family.
487.  a great visit with my parents and my mom’s sisters and brother.
488. Hawg Wild barbecue.
489. deck time at sunset.

Alicia - great diy :) i love it! her little nook there is too sweet.

Farmgirl Paints - Love a corkboard. I love pinterest too. I stalked you the other night…wonder if you noticed;)??

Volume 4…I bet the kids can’t wait:)

Laura at By the Bushel - We are doing ALOT of reading aloud! I love these volumes!! & your super duper cutie cork board!!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips - very nice project.

LLH Designs - No surprise…those are my favorite Bible story books for kids, too! Sometimes I think you and I have all the exact same books! All the good ones anyway! xoxo!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Okay I need to check out those stories! We don’t have a reading routine at bedtime… I’m not sure when that stopped… but LOVE that frame and can’t believe you got it so cheap! It’s gorgoeus!!

Cheryl - cute cork board frame. I never have luck finding a big frame that looks great. believe me I have been looking. Ah well, maybe one of these days.

As for your pictures not showing the pink on the wall…could maybe be a few things. your aperture may be open too wide and over exposing the picture…or maybe something with the white balance?? Did you use a flash? in any case, love the cork board.

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