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Christmas Crafting

Remember in this post when I told you about my new Orange Owl?
I love him so much that I’ve never put him away.
I know it seems like he should only come out in Fall, but I’ve decided he’s welcome here all year long.
I really, really love him.
I’m kind of loyal like that.
So, I needed something *festive* for my shelves, 
and the kids helped me decide that this cookie Christmas tree would go perfectly in that spot.
I’d like to say that this craft was all about Christmas,  but it kind of boiled down to that spot.
The great thing is..the kids had a blast and I let them do it by themselves..which is growth for me.
In very typical “Monica Gellar” fashion, I normally step in and try to save the day with perfectionism.

The tree is crooked, and I want to fix it so bad that I can hardly stand it, but I’m not gonna fix it.

Kat - That tree is darling and so is that super cute hootie hoot! I understand the Monica complex, I feel the need to fix and straighten too, it is so hard to resist the urge and let them just be. The results are always so cute when they are left alone. ;)

A Lasting First Impression - You are such a kindred spirit! I love the orange owl, he is very cheery! I too have Monica-syndrom…My eldest helped me decorate the Christmas tree this year, the first time, and it was all I could do to not move each ornament after he placed them on the tree! I feel I will be growing in this area for years to come…hehe!
Happy Wednesday!

Anne Marie - kids have the best ideas!

Farmgirl Paints - Makes me hungry. IF you ever see another owl like that at TJ MAXX…get it for me! I LOVE IT!

Lissa - what a fun project to do with the kids! and don’t you dare ever put that owl away! Not ever!

Red Gate Farm - The tree looks great… and for the perfectionist, well the orange candies match the orange owl quite nicely ;)


Megan - I agree, the owl stays. And when you tire of him, send him to Texas.

Sheri - i wish i could work in trendy cute stuff (is it trendy – whatever it is i like it) but i fail miserably. Love christmas tree!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things - LOVE LOVE that tree!!! Ok, i need to do something like that…time to add it to my Advent List!!!!!


LuLu - The owl must stay and keep an eye on the tree! it’s adorable and we all need to form a Monica Club… i have it too… which is why my chickadees have their tree and i have my tree :)

JTay - I think it is charmingly crooked!

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