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Chapter Five….Gotcha Day.

{Lillian, our Lydia, Tabitha, Ellen, & Sienna}

It has been a whole four years since they put that little girl sitting second from the left in our arms.
In adoption world, they call that day “Gotcha Day.”

It was November 29th, 2008 when we left Atlanta airport in route to China.

We flew into Beijing and spent a few days seeing some of the city.
It gave us a chance to get over jet-lag and get acclimated to a new time zone.
Looking back, I’m glad for those few days, but at the time, I hated that it was part of the requirements.
Finally, our travel group, which consisted of four other families, boarded a small plane together.
We were on our way to meet our daughters.
We landed in fuzhou, which is in the fujian province in Southern China, along the coast.
We immediately went to our hotel, and as we went upstairs, we saw several babies in a lobby.
Andy and I nearly bumped into an older lady holding a baby as we rounded a corner.
At the moment, we had no idea if she was our daughter or one of many at the hotel.
The only pictures that we’d received of Lydia were of when she was around 6 months old.
By this time, she would be nearly ll months old.
When I touched her tiny little hand, she smiled and hugged in closer to the lady who was holding her.
The lady didn’t know English, and we didn’t know Chinese, so we did what we knew to do.
We smiled a lot and cooed at the baby.
A little while later, we all joined in a room together, and I have to tell you, we were anxious.
Two years of waiting all unwrapped in this moment.
It was no surprise at all when they called our names out, that the little girl we’d met earlier,
was our Lydia Grace.
None of us can imagine our lives without her.
She came in and softened us in places we didn’t know needed softening.
Future interested boys….good luck.
She has a daddy and two older brothers who are pretty much ruining her.

Every single “Gotcha Day” we have to pull out this picture and take it in.
These were the girls in our travel group, and this is the famous red sofa at the White Swan Hotel.
 After leaving Fuzhou, we flew to Guangzhou, China to complete our paperwork before heading home.

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{thankful for}
185. this girl of ours.
186.  her story colliding with ours.
187. her almond eyes.

Amy Sullivan - Thank you for sharing about your “Gotcha Day” and that picture on the red sofa? Pure sweetness.

Jen - As an adoptive mom twice over, I completely understand Gotcha Day and the tremendous milestone it is each year. She’s a fortunate girl, and her parents? Luckier still by far.

paige - happy gotcha day!!!
funny thing, even though she’s your little china doll, she looks like she’s “YOURS!!”


Blondie's Journal - Lydia is a beautiful little girl and so precious! Happy Gotcha Day!


Jenn - I love the name Lydia Grace. It suits her precious little face. Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment with us. You are all so blessed to have been joined from opposite ends of the world to make a family together.

hometown girl - how sweet she is! what a blessing. hope you are well. xo susan

Debby - Your sweetie is the only happy one. The picture is precious. I babysit for a little girl from CHina. I am also an adoptive mom. Your daughter is darling.

Cheryl - Thank God for people like you who open their hearts to the children who need them. She is a beauty!

Brooke - I LOVE reading stories like this. They make my heart skip a beat. I long for our gotcha day. And the day I will see my beautiful girl as happy and loved as your precious Lydia. Happy Gotcha Day!! xoxo Brooke

Tiffini Kilgore - I never tire of reading Gotcha Days!
She is a beauty just like her momma
and she is going to need those big bubba’s
in the future;)

Lisa C - I just wanted to say I’ve been browsing your blog for a little while and I have come to enjoy it so much. Thank you for sharing your lives.
Your Lydia looks so happy in the above picture and she’s the only one with such a pleasant smile on her face on the couch, how sweet. Really touching story.

Farmgirl Paints - she’s the one that is shining like an angel on that couch. just precious! loved your card btw;)

Jodi@ - Happy Belated “Gotcha Day”!! :o)

Cat - Oh my goodness, you have no idea what this post did to me inside. It stirs so many emotions and feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, nevousness, you name it! I can’t WAIT for our Gotcha Day one day! Reading things like this confims so much more that our adoption story will be one with China in it. Gave me chills just to type that. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Laura Danielle - Ahhh!! I cried!!! I love this beautiful joyful girl! Amazing story, friend. Keep telling it!! :)
God is SO flipping good.

Tessa - This post made me cry. The longing for adoption has always been in my heart. I’m not sure the timing is right, but it is something I do pray about. Seeing Lydia and reading your adoption stories always reminds me just how much it is still in on my heart. Maybe. One day. I certainly hope you have that first picture in a frame – gorgeous beyond words! xo

Sarah - I remember you going over there, and how much you had prayed for her beforehand. She is beautiful, and it’s hard to remember your family before her arrival. Happy Gotcha Day to you all and precious Lydia!

LLH Designs - Your Lydia is all aglow! What a precious photo and memory. I thought of you at the Show Hope fundraiser. Sio many tears in my eyes that night. Honored to be a small part in other people’s adoption stories through giving. Thanks for sharing your story here. Love you, girl!

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