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Celebrating Number Six

We got back from China about one month before Lydia’s first birthday, and it was such a gift to us!
It was one of the things we asked God for in our adoption.  
We wanted to be able to celebrate each and every birthday starting with her first.
 I can’t believe today is her 6th birthday.  Where have all the years gone?  
One of the miracles in her story is that we have her exact birthday thanks to the brave woman who carried her for nine months and cared for her during those first 8 weeks of her life.
 She pinned a small piece of red rice paper to Lydia’s blanket that read, “This child was born on January 9, 2007.”
I always hesitate to share nitty gritty details of her story here in this space because it feels so sacred to us,
but that little detail is so precious and such a powerful proof that God holds our stories in his hands.
What a gift that little piece of rice paper will be to her one day.
Her daddy called her this morning while she was doing school, and while she was talking to him, the door bell rang.
Imagine her surprise when she opened the door and saw him standing there 
with a dozen pink roses, a pink cake pop & a pink strawberry smoothie for her!
She isn’t lacking for love and adoration around here.
I’ve thought about that sweet woman who carried her so many times over these years.
I especially always think about her on this day.  She took the time to write that birthday down and pin it to our sweet girl.
She remembers this day 6 years ago.  I know she does.
My prayer is always the same for her.  
I pray that she knows how much God loves her.
I pray that she knows, deep within her mother’s heart, that Lydia is loved, cared for and cherished.
I know God is big enough to take care of this prayer in my heart.
We’re off to eat lunch at our favorite Chinese place with our new chopsticks
 and then we’ll wrap this special day up with a birthday dinner with her daddy and brothers later this evening!
Thanks for celebrating our special girl with us!
{thankful for}
653. our girl.
654. the joy that her chopsticks bring her.
655. the enjoyment that we get out of watching her eat her noodles!

The Avery House - Happy happy birthday to your sweet precious and beautiful girl! Thank you Tara for sharing her story with us here. I have tears in my eyes as I type this in knowing her story and yours. God is so wonderful and amazing and it is stories like your own that shines his light to all who hear it and reminds us of his blessings. I hope that you all have a wonderful day celebrating six!

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions - Happy Birthday to your precious daughter! Life is such a blessing, and it is so wonderful to hear about parents like you. Btw…I LOVE your Etsy signs.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - Happy Birthday Lydia! I hope she has a wonderful day! It is off to a good start! The photo of daddy and daughter on instagram is just precious!!

Beth - The red rice paper part of this story just grasps my heart!!!! LOVE! I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts about adoption and parts of your story….we have two children of our own and are very seriously considering adoption at this point. It is weighing seriously heavy on my heart right now. I would just love to hear from someone who has walked those steps. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl :-)

Blondie's Journal - I had tears of joy in my eyes reading this. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!


About Laura - sweetest. thanks for sharing such a precious detail. precious. Happy Birthday, Lydia!! Your smile is so contagious!!

Ginger - My eyes are filled with tears over your sweet Lydia, Tara! God’s love for us in the details of our lives never ceases to overwhelm me. May it always do so. Blessings to all the Lowrys on this special day.

paige - god is so awesome!!
i love how he added that tender detail for lydia.
love ya’ll & pray your day is wonderful

paige - oh & happy happy happy happy happy happy #6 lydia!!!!!

Debby - Happy Birthday to Lydia. I am sure her birth mother does remember that date. She thought it was important to tell who ever was going to care for her. My own adopted son’s mother probably has no idea when her children’s birthdays were. She was low functioning and had so many. It is very sad that she know so little about them.It is such a blessing that Lydia knows that she was loved by both her mothers. So sweet of her daddy to surprise her. She sure is a cutie.

Mary - happy birthday to your beautiful gift, Lydia! :)
this has me all teary in the best way.

Lissa - such a sweet sweet story! Love that you have the rice paper as part of her (God’s) story!

Cat - oh wow, tara! tears! this is so sweet. what an amazing story and so wonderful that you have the rice paper. I have chill bumps all over my body reading this! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! :) I can’t wait to see how God unfolds our story with sweet baby Grace!

Empty Nest Full Life - How precious!

Farmgirl Paints - HaPPy BirTHDAY LydIa!!!!!

Kristi - Happy Birthday Lydia! Thank you for sharing her beautiful story with us. My twin boys’ birthday is January 8, 2001 :)

Tricia - Happy, happy birthday to you, Lydia! She is such a beautiful little girl! God has certainly blessed you, Tara. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man…that was such a sweet thing he did for your daughter. Oh by the way, I’ve been thinking that you might want to visit one of my blog friends, Tiffany at June Makes Six, you two have something in common…she’s pretty blessed too ;) xo

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Happy Birthday, Lydia!!

Sarah - Such a beautiful and touching story! Happy birthday to your little miracle!

Barbara - Happy day Lydia, sweet story!

Beth - Love it! Nothing like a daddy’s girl! What a blessed story,

Beth - Love it! Nothing like a daddy’s girl! What a blessed story,

Beth - Love it! Nothing like a daddy’s girl! What a blessed story,

Sandy - God has truly blessed your beautiful family! Lydia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a very special young lady! Thank you, Tara, for sharing this extremely special day with all of us! xoxo

Carol - Lydia is an absolutely precious little girl, Tara. I went through your blog and read the whole story of her adoption, and I sit here writing this with tear-filled eyes for this wonderful gift that God has given you and the wonderful and loving family you have given Lydia. Happy Birthday, Lydia!


GLENDA CHILDERS - Such a special day for your family.


Lemonade Makin' Mama - Love this… love that you adopted this precious little thing. I see Carols comment above and will have to do that someday… go back and read through the whole thing. I don’t think I had found your blog back then yet… I missed it!

Tiffini - i cannot believe she is 6!
she is a doll and your words made me cry!
thinking of you thinking of her biological mom just moves me
praying for her
well– the best is yet to come
and i am grateful to be able to walk with you
happy weekend

Tiffany - Happy Birthday to Lydia. What a sweet way to celebrate such a special day. Thank you to for sharing part of Lydia’s story….I know how sacred it is. Have a wonderful weekend.


Jane - This is the first time I have read your blog. I found this posting to be soft with care and love. Very beautiful to say the least. I was adopted from birth and have only known one set of parents in my life. The parents who loved and raised me. I appreciate each and everything they did for me throughout my life. I have but one question. What is the significance of the numbers 653, 654, etc? Thank you for this special writing. I will definitely be signing up for your daily posting. I have a lot of catching up to do!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy Lydia!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That - As the mother of an adopted daughter, I so relate. My daughter is grown now, and even though we’ve
met her birthmother, I still pray for her, especially on my daughter’s birthday. Adopted children have a unique set of needs. Knowing where they came from plays a huge role. Your Lydia is adorable.

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