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Caramel Cake makes the world a better place.

My mother in law arrived today with her famous caramel cake.
Okay, it’s not famous to many people outside of our family, but believe me when I say it should be.
She is most definitely a superb baker of all things sweet.
I’ve tried making this cake for years, and mine never turns out like hers.
I’ve got a husband and three kids that’ll agree!
See how her icing is like fudge on top?
Yep.  I do exactly what her recipe tells me to do every single time, and it never works for me.
I thought I’d share the recipe with you and see if you have better luck than I do!
For the cake, just use your favorite box mother in law suggests the Duncan Hines box that uses butter instead of oil.

Caramel Icing
2 cups sugar
1 stick Margarine
6 oz. carnation milk
1 cup nuts (optional)

Bring to boil:
Sugar, margarine and milk
Boil 2 1/2-3 minutes on medium heat while stirring
Remove from heat and stir occasionally as it thickens
Once cool, apply to the top of your cake
Add chopped nuts if desired

{thankful for}
402. a wonderful visit with my mother in law this weekend
403. a visit with Andy’s brother and his family
404. caramel cake:)
405. new plants and shrubs for the house
406. a mother in law who helps us plant at every single house we buy!
407. my kids getting time with their cousins today.

paige - ok clearly i need to visit you right after your mother in law because i am a big huge caramel cake lover. wink.
my grandmother made it too & was a huge favorite when we were growing up.
i love the caramel cake from the last resort…prob not as good as your but still delish.

Claudine from CondensedLoveHome - It looks yummy!!! I never heard of Caramel Cake!!!

Sheri - you know Tara, i have to stop following you on Pinterest, and possibly reading your blog now. You are making me fat by proxy. :)

Deborah - It looks dee-lish Tara!
Thanks for the recipe! So nice that your family had a wonderful visit!

Deborah xo

Janie Fox - After losing almost 40 pounds I think I will leave the caramel cake baking to the others!! LOL

Deborah - Thanks for sharing the caramel cake recipe. I was in need of a new "dessert" recipe for an upcoming get-together. This will be perfect.
I hope I have luck with the topping. One of my best friends has a great lemon bar recipe (my husband's favorite) and I've tried to make them
several times. Never turns out like hers. Bummer!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - That would be SO good using the gluten free vanilla bean cake recipe I have… hmm…. YUM!

Tiffini - yummy Tara…I just made a german chocolate cake last night.
My sweet tooth is humongous right now…;0

Katie - Oh my…sounds delish!!

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