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Bring on the Books…

The last day of school is this Friday…it can’t get here fast enough for any of us.  There will be lots of sleeping in and staying up late around our house very soon.

I for one am looking very forward to enjoying my kids.  
We’re gonna swim and run and play with friends and cookout and eat ice cream and see summer movies and go to the beach and help in my parents’ garden and go on extra long bike rides and sit on our deck as often as we can with friends and family.  

We’re also going to be reading and {Shhhhhhh, don’t tell them} doing Math.  
They’ll thank me one day, surely.  Okay maybe not.  

I’m still working on their summer reads, but my list? It’s stacked and ready to tackle!
I’m actually hoping to throw in a few more books, but I thought this would be a great start.
I set these lofty goals for myself…sometimes I meet them and sometimes I don’t.  
There are under-achievers and there are over-achievers and then there’s me. 
I’m somewhere in the radical middle.

I stunk it up this past year with reading for myself.  I think I only completed about three or four books total.  That’s a first!  Reading is usually a solace for me. 
Wanna know what my solace was this year?   

The Office. 
The Bachelor.
Grey’s Anatomy.
Real Housewives of OC, Beverly Hills and Atlanta.  

It’s not my proudest moment, but I was a little off my game this year.  Anybody else?
It’s lame, but having homeschooling two kids and having one at school just about did me in.
Okay….clearly by the looks of my tv choices, it FRIED me.

Nothing these long dog days of summer can’t redeem, right?!
What about you? Any good ones on your list this summer?  Do tell!

Tricia - Before I blogged, I read all the time…it’s something I really miss. I’ve read one of Michael Pollan’s books…the Omnivore’s Dilemma. I think I’ll look around for the one you have on your list.

Your blog looks great :)

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That - Happy summer reading, Tara. Looks like you’ve got your choices made. That’s half the fun, isn’t it? :)

slip4 - I haven’t made my choices yet. I will get some inspiration from your stack! I finished Bread and Wine and absolutely loved it. I have made 7 or 8 of the recipes (which were delicious) but the story was the best part!

About Laura - Unglued. can’t wait to read. Pollan is on my shelf. love him. Looking forward to regular reading this summer. We laid and bounced on the trampoline last night. It was beautiful. bring on the summer. :)

LLH Designs - Love that CS Lewis quote. I used it on notepads that I made for some teachers and they loved it! As usual, our book choices are so similar. I haven’t read much since I moved. Sad. Haven’t watched TV instead. Not sure what I’ve done. Licked my wounds from all the emotions of uprooting? Oh, and been on the computer way too much! Hugs to you!

LLH Designs - By the way, your blog changed! Just noticed. Haven’t been on the computer as much recently…a good thing for me! Also, love that you still read “real” books. Me, too.

Barbara - That is a lot of reading do you read only one book at a time or a couple at a time I can only do one at a time my sister will read a few at a time, I am reading Daphne Oz’s Relish and next is Cooked by Michael Pollan this is my spiritual reading learning about what we put in our bodies matters.

Happy reading.

PS I am so bummed no more The Office.

Alicia - I was just talking to the kids about summer and what we were going to do to fill our time since we’re planning on doing a whole lot of staying home with the new baby…I suggested math supplements and geography bingo…I heard a lot of crickets ;) Happy summer to you!!

Sweet and Savory Eats - That looks like a great list and I’ve only read one of them!

Katie - You will LOVE both of those books by Shauna Niequist- especially Bittersweet. I’ve got lots of fiction and Donald Miller’s One Thousand Miles on my list for the summer! - Love Shauna Neiquist! I’ve only read Cold Tangerines, will have to check out the others. Great simple summer to do list as well. I think many mothers (myself included) put a lot of pressure on ourselves to come up with fantastic ideas for making summer memories. Isn’t summer supposed to be simple?! You’ve inspired me to rethink my list making. :)

Megan - I am an avid reader, but have been slowly plugging on the same one for too long now. I need a page turner! Love your stack. I actually have ‘Love Does’ in my bedside pile.

By the way, I got the most amazing sign in the mail today…you surprised me! I LOVE it so very much! You and Andy are so talented. I opened it up and your sweet logo was the first thing I saw. I turned it around and tears came to my eyes…it’s so perfect and I love that you guys made it. Thank you Andy & Tara!

Farmgirl Paints - I used to read. I miss it. Praying my break this summer will have me engrossed in one or two of these.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips - I’ve actually started making time for reading after a long break. Really enjoying it.
You have a wonderful selection in your summer reading.

Nicole Matthew - Thanks for sharing your book list. I’ve added some of them to my own list. I also like “When Work and Family Collide” by Andy Stanley. I have a few Christian marriage books on my summer list to read before our wedding in September….”The Meaning of Marriage,” “Real Marriage,” and “Fight Fair.” If you have any other suggestions, please share. Thanks!

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