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Bring on Spring & Happy Weekend


Hi friends~
The week before we left for our cruise, I took some shots of my “springifying” process.
Tulips are my favorite, and I decided I should  have some on my table.
Every year, I say that I’m going to plant bulbs so that I have free ones in my backyard, 
and every year I neglect to do it.
This year is different.
I’m going to do that next weekend, if it’s the last thing I do.
I picked up some cabbage and ivy a few weeks ago at the farmer’s market,
and planted them in my wrought iron thingy outside our front door.
I got the wrought iron thingy at the farmer’s market our first year living in Orlando.
I {heart} it.
I know some of you are staring at snow or watching it rain, but we’re pretty much in
full Spring mode here.
Don’t hate us.
In a few months, when it’s perfectly pleasant where you’re at, it’ll be pure torture in Orlando.
Do I dare even ask if you’ve done anything to bring on Spring at your place?

Alicia - ya…probably not a good person to ask. i’m staring at about 4 feet of snow here in SD, the “sunshine state”….i have no clue why we have that nickname :) but i’m glad for you!

ChRiS - fresh flowers from store or mkt is all the spring i have seen so far……we are so ready in Pa for spring

paige - at the risk of being a glass half empty person, i was just thinking that if we are having warm 72 degrees, albeit beautiful days, in february ( for crying out loud) what on earth will august be like?
oh my!
love your iron thingy
you are awesome

GLENDA CHILDERS - It is snowing outside . . . but I have ivy and daffodils inside.


Janie Fox - It snowed again last night, but on March first, Spring is marching right out of the tubs in the basement to take up residence in the big house!

Life with Kaishon - Oh! It just looks so sensationally pretty and lovely! Filled with light! Have fun bulb planting! : )

Hershey's Moma - We woke to fresh snow and school cancelled. We do have bulbs planted in the front flower boxes and I can’t wait until the tulips start to peek. It will be another 4-6 weeks before that happens for us though. :) Right now our daughter has yellow carnations on her school desk to brighten her space…

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - I am loving all your photos! The warm wood tones with distressed white and spring greens….it’s all right up my alley!
I live in Las Vegas so it’s pretty much spring here to. It’s so nice being able have the kids get some energy out by running around outside after they have been cooped up indoors for the winter.

Blondie's Journal - The flowers look fabulous on your pretty table. And what a great combo…cabbage and ivy! I love that you are having warm temps. it’s 31 degrees and it snowed last night {I’m in Chicago} and I have to go grocery shopping!! Yuk!


Sally - Yes! Snow or no snow – I was at Michael’s the other day, and ended up with this:

I know I’m WAY early since we just got another round of snow….but thinking of Spring gives me hope…can’t help myself. Love your beautifully set table & the flowers! =)

Rachel Noelle - Love your images Tara!!;) Im having my second giveaway on my blog!! Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

LLH Designs - These pictures make me want to take in a deep breath of sunshine! Lovely! I need to springify round my house now that it’s almost March! Only out my nativity away a few weekends ago, so a wee bit behind. :) But I love that Spring comes on its own…without my asking or my planning or my striving. May we enjoy it to the full!


Tiffini - in my heart it is blooming;) we just had ice and snow and school called off BUT two days ago when I was walking I saw tiny buds on some trees….it reminded me that the seasons to change and spring IS coming…just like Him

Lindalou - Lovely photos. As for me, since we just got another couple inches up here, the only Spring thing I did was change my blog template. Got rid of the snowy background and updated it to pretty colored ribbons. I’m super happy with it.

Just B @ Love Where You Live - Beautiful photos! Isn’t it fun bringing some Spring freshness back into our homes? I’m taking down my Winter this weekend I think, even though we have snow flurries and it’s only 12 degrees outside here today! I especially like what you did with the cabbage and the ivy. Looks great. :)

Transparent Mama - Can I climb into my computer? I love tulips too. My fave.

DustyLu - You know I love when you show photos of your gorgeous home! Love the table and vignettes of course! Hope all is well with you! Its raining here but I love it! Spring is coming soon! Yippy! hugs lulu

Tricia - A Rosy Note - Your pictures are so pretty Tara! Oh, I’m wishing for spring too. I just got home from my vacation and the weather was wonderful there…I’m so sad to have left it behind. - I am so waiting for Spring. Loving having fresh cut flowers in my home to help me get in the spirit.

michelle - Beautiful touches pf Spring! I love you table setting an tulips are one of my favorite!! I am so glad that is it Spring there and you are enjoying the weather! It is snowing here right now but each day we are closer! Thank you for sharing! :)

Lisa - Tara, I always love seeing photos from around your beautiful home. I love your colors and designs. Yes, you are torturing me with your early spring, but I’m glad for you and it makes me excited for spring in New England! Have a happy weekend!

Tessa - Our window boxes finally thawed enough to remove our Christmas greens – which were live and surprisingly still looked “fresh”. Your home looks so fresh and clean and pretty!! I have some pink tulips in a white pitcher sitting on a table and they make me so happy! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. After you plant your tulips bulbs, would you be so kind and plant some for me too?! :) xo, Tessa

Jennifer Rizzo - Tara, it’s so pretty and springy! I need to get some more flowers for inside!

Claudia - Hello,

Thank you for sharing a few pics of Spring with us. It has been snowing the lastvtwo days here in Massachusetts. Inamorata sitting in my sunroom surrounded by white tulipsvi bought a couple of days ago. Hoping for Spring soon.

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