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Born to be mine.

My sweet friend Kourtney called me the other day, but I couldn’t pick up.
A couple seconds later, she texted me…
“ASAP plz…David just said the most awesome thing about you!!!”
 David, also known as the terminator, is the youngest of her three boys, 
and he is a whole five big awesome years old.
{Just between you & me, I’m holding out hope that he’s my future son in law!}
So, when we finally got to talk, she told me that they were talking about all their friends from other countries.
One of her boys mentioned Lydia, and David quickly piped up and said, “Don’t forget about Auntie Tara!”
Where do you think he thinks I’m from?
Why…China, of course.  Where else?

I’ve been asked for twenty years if I am hispanic, but I’ve never been asked if I’m Chinese.
It was a special moment when I told Lydia what he had said about me.
She smiled that sweet smile of hers and slyly said, “But, you’re not really from China.”
She’s a smart cookie. She knows my eyes are no where near as pretty as hers!

She and I are from opposite ends of the world, but as sure as I am of anything else in my life,
she was born to be mine.

{thankful for}
581. fresh manicures with Lydia
582. homemade Chicken Noodle Soup via Lissa
583. snuggle time with Seth during reading
584. a great, extra long hug from Luke at bedtime
585. laundry done…all three loads
586.  my noonday bracelet and earrings!!!

Tricia - God knew what he was doing when he put you and Lydia together. Even though she’s from across the globe, I’ve always thought she looks like you. xo

WhiteWhispers2u - Darling Photos! Lydia you are a Beautiful lil Princess and 5 is Fabulous~Cheers Kim

Dawn - VERY well said Tara…I might just have to steal that from you “born to be mine” …what a blessing these girls are in our lives♥

Laura from Top This Top That - I match a made in Heaven!! Your photos and post are just beautiful. Happy Birthday to Lydia.

paige - ya’ll are so beautiful!!
i love that he thinks you & that serious southern drawl are from china :)

you’re a good mama tara!!

oh & well done reppin some noonday!

slip4 - Lydia is a lucky girl to have you as a mama! God is so good.

Empty Nest Full Life - She is a doll, God had good plans for her from the beginning and have you for a Mama was one of them. How awesome is our God!

Farmgirl Paints - Love that number. How cool is her story, her sweet little face…those pics. So glad you have each other!!

Shannon - Sweet mother/daughter cuddles and moments captured. You both are beautiful!

icecreamtomarathon - That is so precious. You both are beautiful! I love your yellow shirt, can you share where you got it?

Barbara - That is just about the cutest thing, what beautiful pictures mother and daughter.
Have a great day!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips - That’s so sweet. My son is black but people assume that he’s also Hispanic. (my husband is Mexican Hispanic)

Mary - this is the sweetest.
can you even imagine God writing our stories and mapping it all out?
He is so very good.

i have to thank you for blessing me with your kindness over the weekend.
i have yet to reply to you(i’m really bad at that), but your words spoke God’s love right to my heart and blessed me. He’s so good at loving us through others.
looking forward to getting to know you better, too! :)


LLH Designs - Oh, my heart! MELTING!!! You were made for her…and she for you! I just love how God does that! xoxo!

melissa shepard - Gorgeous pics!!!! And family! Love! I too want to know about your yellow shirt and earrings! ?? Also… I ordered myself a bday gift from tahra and my daughter a cmas gift. Thx for sharing her!

melissa shepard - Gorgeous pics!!!! And family! Love! I too want to know about your yellow shirt and earrings! ?? Also… I ordered myself a bday gift from tahra and my daughter a cmas gift. Thx for sharing her!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh Tara girl… how sweet is this? I just found out that Chinese girls phase out of orphanages at age 14 and it broke my heart to discover they are sent to factories, slavery and worse… What a blessed little sweetie your daughter is… to have been rescued by YOU and to have your as her Mama.

Love the shots of you and her… love your top… love YOU friend. :)

Sassafras and LuLu - Just stopped for a visit, must have been by before when blogging. Love your photos and your verses and blessing from God. Family is the greatest treasure!
fondly, Carol

Melissa K. - I had a woman in a grocery store once tell me that Katelyn and I look alike (umm, really?). But I feel the same way…she was born to be mine!

Jessie - Hey!! I had no idea how to contact you other than your blog and wanted to say I think I just saw one of your “you are my sunshine” signs on House Hunters! The house was for sale in Roswell and the sign looked exactly like yours :) how cool is that if it was one of yours!
Jessie Smith

Simply Domestic - What a special post! The pictures are beautiful as are you and your daughter. Yellow looks great on you. I LOVE the huge #5, too.

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