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Birthday celebrations.

We celebrated my dad’s 71st birthday this weekend.  I love celebrating birthdays with my family.  We never miss the opportunity to get together.  Every single person gets celebrated every single year.  They get to pick whether they want a home cooked meal or a meal from their favorite restaurant.  They also get to pick their favorite dessert of my mom’s. It’s always a team effort. Everyone arrives and we all pile in the kitchen together…it’s loud and a little chaotic.  Everyone wants a part to play, and this time was no different. My mom  finished icing her homemade coconut cake, which happens to be my dad’s favorite.  My brother pulled the chicken and steak off the grill, I pulled the bacon wrapped asparagus, baked potatoes, and hot, buttery ciabatta bread out of the oven, Andy fixed all the drinks and set the table, and my sister in law taste tested the fun appetizer that I made from Pinterest.  All the while the kids were running in and out of the house, and the dog was barking because he thinks he’s one of them.  And dad?  He was watching Nascar in the family room because it was Sunday afternoon in the South and it was his birthday celebration. Finally, everything was ready, and we all gathered around the table, prayed and thanked God for my dad’s life, and enjoyed another meal together. There’s nothing sweeter or more sacred than gathering around a table with the people that you call family.
This is my dad with all the grandkids.  Getting him to smile in a picture is truly a task.  For this picture, I told him to give me his best smile…not the one that makes him look like a terrorist.  This is what he gave me.  Geeeeeez Louise.  I think this might be the best it gets. He is a man’s man.  He rises before the sun.  He has owned his own business for almost 50 years.  Can you imagine doing the same thing for 50 years?  He can’t imagine life any other way.  He has never had a credit card and doesn’t believe in debt of any kind.  We were shocked when we talked him into getting a debit card two years ago.  He never activated it.  Of course he didn’t.  He has grown one of the prettiest gardens of anyone I’ve ever known, and he loves to share most of what he grows.  He’s humble and simple and very wise.  In fact, he’s so simple that he still wears jeans and tennis shoes from 1987.  The man does not waste a thing!  He’s one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known.  And to prove my point, I’ll tell you that he wanted work shirts and pants for his 71st birthday.  Work shirts and work pants.  His mother worked until she was 76 in the sewing plant, so I’m sure his long term goal is working at least one day longer than she did. He’s loyal to his core and would take the shirt off his back for anyone who needed it.  He’s shy, not much of talker, which means it hasn’t always been easy for him to share his feelings, but when he watches any of us do anything, his eyes swell with tears.  He loves his family, and we love him. I wanted to share the oh-so simple and delicious appetizer I made from Pinterest.  You know it’s A+ when the kids love it!  Try it and let me know what you think!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Good Morning sweetness! Love this post about your father. Such a fun peek into your life. And love the description of the chaos, kids, dogs, family… man I thrive on that. Gonna have some of that today here too. LOL

jodi - I love the picture of your dad and the kids….so nice! I love to get together with my family, my house is the gathering place(it’s the biggest). My parents are both passed away and it’s just my 2 brothers and their families and me and my little crew. We love to get together as much as we can, you have to…family is everything! :)

Your appetizers look delish! I LOVE pinterest, I just need to try more of what i pin. :) LOL

Take care!

Christy - So precious! You look like your dad. Glad you had a good weekend.

michele - our dad’s are truly cut from the same cloth. I swear they even look alike, if Don-T had stache or Duane-O didn’t. Read this with tears in my eyes so sweet!!

Becky @Farmgirl Paints - Good times for sure. That appetizer bite looked amazing. I’m kinda craving them now:-)

kerrie - I love people like your Dad…they are the salt of the earth. We could learn alot from him. I think he is wise, wise, wise. To have no debt…that is someone to respect and to learn from. How lucky you are to have such a father. xo

tiffini - hello sweet girl. i am so slow in getting back into commenting but here i am:) i got woke up at 4:30 so i thought i would visit. hoping to have a cup of coffee with you;)
i love your heart for your daddy. that is one thing i truly missed in my life was a dad. don’t really know him. i AM thankful for our heavenly father of course. you know that:)
but i love love reading about real life daughters and daddy’s:)
looking forward to more time with you and all the girls..have a beautiful Tuesday friend. love you . you know that right?:)

Robyn - Tara, what a true blessing of family you have. When we feel there is nothing left to be thankful for, even in all its messiness, family is always there!

Kim-in-the-Cove - I love this! What a great tribute to your dad. He sounds like such a wonderful role model for the whole family. I think the shyness and inability to smile for a camera must be genetically linked because we have several family members who have the same problem!! haha

Great post!

Tricia - Your love for your dad shines through, Tara. It sounds like you all had a really wonderful day. xo

Susan - Loved hearing about your time together….these are some of the sweetest memories. Savor this season in your lives. Will try that appetizer…looks yummy!


Kelly Cach - That’s the sweetest tribute! Made me teary. Those Dad’s….they sure are special.

And btw, the couple that hosts our new bible study group is from Augusta, Georgia. It’s a little like getting to visit with y’all ;)

Jenny - Reading your post about your Dad made me tear up. Had to actually hold myself back. Your Father is so special and reminds me of mine. We are both so blessed to have such simple, warm hearted fathers. I’m so glad you shared him with us.

LLH Designs - I love the way you do birthdays. It all feels just right for who I think you are and what you’re all about. And what does the family do for you on birthdays? Do you go out or does everyone pitch in at home? xoxo!

Debbie - Reading your post brought tears to my eyes…..your father sounds so much like mine. A man of integrity. I lost my dad a year ago at the age of 92…enjoy every minute and every celebration you have together….they are priceless. - i enjoyed reading your blog in the past and i’m so glad to have found you again!

your dad looks like a sweetheart and hey, if he’s still wearing jeans and tenny’s from 1987 then he’s totally hipster!; )

i’ll have to try that appetizer. love anything with goats cheese!

Jackie - I love this! Being able to gather with family often is something that we don’t get to experience since everyone lives too far away. What a gift!
And that appetizer looks scrumptious. :) xo

Mindy - Gathering with family – the best! He may not have a big smile on his face but I see a big love behind those eyes for you all.

geraldine - Made these recently at a get together, and they were a hit! Very light and flavorful, and so simple! Thanks for the awesome appetizer! I used GF crackers, worked perfectly and will be a staple recipe for me.

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Robin - Can you email me the recipe, it looks amazing and I cannit wait to try it.

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