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I pick my kids up every single day…same time, same place.  And, every day our conversation always looks pretty much the same.  They’re hungry, they’re tired, and they’re emotionally wiped.  Respecting your teachers all day, playing nice on the playground, and working hard in every class is hard work!

Recently, I grabbed all three of them, and we headed to the car.  My oldest was unusually quiet, but I let it be.  If I’ve learned one thing the hard way in this season, it’s the importance of not asking any questions until we are privately and safely in our car.

Per the usual, my boys argued over whose day it was to sit in the front with me.  It was an odd day on the calendar, so that meant it was the younger one’s turn.  My oldest said something nasty to his younger brother, and then like clockwork, the younger one retaliated with something even more unkind.  I hadn’t even buckled my seatbelt before I was yelling, which is not the way any mom ever wants to be reunited with her kids, after a long day apart.  It took about thirty seconds for my oldest to throw his things in the back seat and report that his day was horrible…his worst one ever in the history of all days. ever.



Sally - Help? Your “continue reading” link takes me to Time Warner cable???

Lori H - Tara, you are wise! I wished I had learned those lessons earlier on, but I got there eventually. Good luck with the tumultuous years, you seem ready! (I tried to comment over on the other blog but it wouldn’t let me use my Google sign-on)

Jackie - Handled beautifully. :)

Tiffini - love this! so needful. they are just like us. so often what i boil over about isn’t really about that very day or that thing. it is a pile up of things i have pushed down. i will never forget dr. phil saying that wives need a soft place to land…well the show was about marriage but is SO true for everyone. i know it resonated with me..BIG. thank you for the reminder..oh heavens do i need lots of those..reminders…love you xotiff

Tara - I wish you lived closer and could meet me for coffee every week….I’ve got things to learn from you, friend.

Megan - Gosh, we’ve had so many pick ups like this. I feel so excited to see her and within 30 seconds all of the air gets let out of my tires. I am a solver, but I love your approach. It makes so much sense! Thanks for leading the way and sharing with all of us!

Shantel cowan - New to your blog. This article touched me so much. I also have 2 boys and a girl. This was such a great reminder to let them come to you. I often feel the need to get them to talk, and forget to give them space. Thank you for the reminder.

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