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April According to Instagram.

These months…they fly by.  I feel like I JUST posted my March Moments from Instagram.
Do you think it’ll work if I scream, “Slooooowwww down life!”??
Long Sigh.  That’s my response. 
 I don’t think it will, which is why I’m gonna keep capturing all of it that I can, as mundane as most of it is.
I’ve been MIA since last Monday because one of my dearie heart friends came to visit me from California.
She’s the beauty up there with me in the shot where I’m wearing my red Hello sweatshirt.
There’s a whole post brewing in my heart about her, so I’ll save that for later.
This month has been good minus the couple weeks of trauma caused by seasonal allergies.
The trees and flowers in all their glory make it worth it in the end.
  I might need to ask them to forgive me for the very bad thoughts I had about them.
Kasey Buick ordered a sign.  She’s the cool cat that moved her family to Hawaii.  
I kept trying to convince Andy that we needed to hand deliver it to them, but he didn’t budge. Party Pooper.
 The uber creative Jeanne Oliver also received another one of our signs. 
 It means a lot that she’d hang our signs in her home.  I’ll let you know when she posts about it.
We’re finishing up Girl Scouts this week.
It feels so good to have everything come to a close, doesn’t it?!
Soccer, Girl Scouts, Community Bible Study and school!!!!
I’m ready to make our summer fun list and our summer reading list.
Have I told you that I’m sending all of our kiddos to school next year?  Homeschooling is coming to a close for us.  
There’s a post brewing about all that, too.
Oh my goodness.  I roasted my first chicken, and THIS is why I love Instagram.
If I hadn’t noticed that picture up above, I wouldn’t have remembered to tell you all the gory details.
Brace yourselves.  This is gross.
I had to pull a bag of {who knows what} out of the cavity.  
Then, I stuffed the cavity with a lemon, onion and some garlic.
Here’s what you need to know if you’re like me and haven’t roasted your first chicken::
You might throw up a little in your mouth thinking about the junk in the cavity that you have to pull out.
But I promise you, you and your family will eat every inch of that chicken and you’ll be tempted to gnaw the bones.
I’m just saying..go to Pioneer Woman’s blog and follow her easy instructions.  Run.  Don’t walk.
Have you heard of Sacred Made?
It’s a new company that you really need to check out.  Their prints are in a league of their own.
Check out the picture above of the map of China with the heart in it.  
Come to mama.  It needs to land in my house soon.  
Cat and Becca met through blogging and started the business together.  Read their story here.
What else happened this month?
I painted my toes and put on sandals.  Very exciting.
Lydia and Andy went to a daddy/daughter dance.  Melt my heart.
Seth and his buddy Bryson rode go-carts and went dumpster diving for fort supplies.  Boys’ are awesome.
I started juicing again. Somebody keep me accountable.
Luke became a teenager.  Hold back the tears.
Andy turned 39, so we’re officially the same age for two more months. I’m his old lady.
We had a great spring break trip to Atlanta.  Hotels make my kids happy.
Lydia learned to snap her fingers. Whoooo Hoot!
And, I cleaned out my car for the first time since last fall.  Hello Hoarder.
The missing girl in the picture above was found.  I need the rest of the story. 
Life is tooooo exciting not to Instagram it. 
 I’m kidding, but all jokes aside, I’m kind of stoked that I have a picture of my first ever roasted chicken.

Farmgirl Paints - I’m kinda crushing on you a bit. You’re just so sweet and down to earth. The mundane is where the magic happens my dear. That wonderful thing called life:-) You’re living it well.

slip4 - I love your hello shirt! Maybe I missed it, did you say what is up with the missing girl poster? Is it someone you know?

Lynn Richards - Looks like a fabulous, full life!! Thanks for sharing it with us.
p.s. now that you have roasted your first chicken (congrats!!!) you can make chicken SOUP!!! much less gory..

Jenny - Your so fun Tara, loved this post.
Jenny Carroll - OK, so we bloggers are into this whole connecting thing, so I’m just going to confess…I’m a little bummed you are going to end your homeschool journey. God may be having us begin ours next year and I was hoping I could grab onto your shirttails and not feel quite so alone in it. Not that it’s all about me… ;)
Congrats on the chicken. I love to cook, but for some reason that perfectly roasted chicken has alluded me. Never cooks evenly. I’ll have to give PW’s recipe a try. I must conquer this technique!!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Glad you had so much fun with your friend! I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet her.
Hooray for roasted chickens! It’s worth having to briefly handle the organs (blech).
There’s some beautiful emptiness in my calendar this week! When can we get together?! :):)

Beth - Okay so out of all that you wrote, the thing that struck me is that you are saying goodbye to homeschooling. You are my inspiration to really pray about it for my two girls. I am waiting on pins and needles to find out the why….so…no rush. Tomorrow will be soon enough (jk). But I know that we must do what we feel God has led us to do…. Change is my Achilles heel though.
Hmmmm PW hasn’t gone wrong in my book yet!
What a fun month!
God bless

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I’m just loving this post. I can’t wait to hear more about lots of these things and I love that Andy is older than you. Adrain just turned 37 so we are the same age for five more months too. I’m HIS old lady too.

Megan - I am loving watching all of your fun stuff happen on Instagram. Roast chicken is my kids favorite meal that I cook. They call it ‘Juicy Chicken’ and it is worth every dern thing you have to pull out of a cold, dead bird! Looking forward to hearing about school, friends and all things happening in your world.

LLH Designs - My favorite pic is the one of the EMPTY chocolate almonds container. You’re my kind of girl! {As if I didn’t know that about you already!} xoxo!

Kelli - Looks like you have been have a great time. I love instagram!
Such a cute family!

About Laura - Came over for the milk paint post, and will come back whether it materializes or not. :)
Reno-world here is coming to a close.
Love the picts. :)

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