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And the awards go to…..

May is such a busy month for most everyone.  I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.
There were two weeks somewhere near the middle that had my head nearly spinning.  
I know you can relate..
doesn’t it feel good to somehow know we’re not alone in the craziness?
Thank God all months aren’t as crazy as some.

The whole month would be a complete blur were it not for dear & faithful Instagram.
I swear most of these mundane moments captured might be lost forever otherwise.

May is a beautiful month, even in her busy{ness}.
She marks the end of another school year, while ushering in summer for us.  

Our weather has been amazing…glorious really.
Spring in Georgia is tricky. It goes from winter to chilly for a week and then hot. the end.
Except, not this year.  We’ve had cool mornings & evenings and very bearable afternoons.

This weather was made for laying in a hammock, and we have taken full advantage of it.
Andy and I always try sneaking out alone, but our kids sniff us out within three minutes.
Do they make a hammock for five people?  
Oh, who am I kidding.  Hammocks with five people in them are not peaceful at all.

So, I’ve decided to hand out awards in a few categories to a few of my IG shots each month.
First category: Most humbling
Bathing suit shopping.
Note to self: Your body’s changing.  Deal with it and don’t take it too seriously.  Laugh a little.
Second category: Most Annoying
Andy texting me a picture of his scrumptious breakfast.
Note to self: Schedule a “working” breakfast at Mama’s boy pronto.
Third category: Most Inspiring
 Lydia breaking out into a spontaneous dance in front of the mirrors at Macy’s.
Note to self: Have more spontaneous fun.

Fourth Category: Most Fun
A great visit with my college roommate and a couple of her kiddos.
Note to Self: Keep surrounding yourself with only dear friends.

How was May for you?
Are you handing out awards to any of your mundane moments?
life rearranged

Sheri - that’s a cute post – you should link up with the blog “life rearranged” she has a cute “insta Friday” link up. Your daughter is adorable!

Jboo - Love your categories and awards!! Happy June!

GLENDA CHILDERS - Very fun. May for us was all about weddings. So delicious.


Tricia - Love all your candid shots! Yeah…bathing suit shopping…not fun.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That - May was all about travel and exploring, but we’re home again and it’s already June. Where has the year gone?

Your photos are lovely and it’s nice to have pics to document the moments.

Happy summer!

paige - too cute!!
i love your awards. the bathing suit story still makes me laugh out loud!
we LOVE you and think the world of you.
had dinner with melanie & sophie last night and we talked about “the sign guy”!
xoxox - Very cute pictures and very cute awards! I just documented a few of my favorite moments of May here: and here: Check it out if you get a moment! And thanks for sharing your photos – your children are ADORABLE and I can so relate/sympathize with the swimsuit dilemma!!!

LLH Designs - Love the way you categorized things there at the end. And love your note to self on bathing suit shopping. I avoid bathing suit shopping by not wearing bathing suits very often. Hard to deal with a changing body. I told my husband recently that I’ve only gained 3 pounds in the last year, but by the way my body has changed, it feels like I’ve gained 20! Love seeing you and Paige together. I so want to meet the two of you. xoxo!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - ooh… I need to.

And ps. My body is changing too. crazy.

Lola Elle - could i ask how you got those pictures in such nice rows? I love posting pictures to my blogger but they never stand right next to each other.

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