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Adoption…Chapter two.

We’d been married about a year when we took our trip to India. 

We have a friend from college and seminary who went to live there in 1998, and she’s still there.
After she’d been there a few months, we went over 
and were honored to help welcome her first two children into the home.
Her heart was exploding to go to India and start a home for children who had no family.
She didn’t want to adopt them out to American families.
She absolutely didn’t want the home to be called an orphanage.
It was to be home for these precious children.
We were beyond honored to be there when the little boy and his sister arrived.
We loved them immediately.
Their mother had died and their father was there with them to leave them in our friend’s love and care.
He was also sick and unable to care for them.
It’s crushing to stand and watch a father tell his children goodbye.
We watched as he combed their hair one last time.
We captured their last moments with him.
I wish I could share them, but honestly, those moments were sacred and belong only to them.
It was the kind of overwhelming that changes you forever. 
The flames that had been present in our hearts for adoption were now a burning fire within us.
Those fifteen days in India shaped the rest of our lives.
We have the sweetest relationship with those precious two children.
They aren’t five and seven anymore.
It’s been twelve years.
They have been joined by forty four other children who are growing up in that wonderful home.
They all go to school.
They know their native language and English.
They read.
They live together as brothers and sisters.
Their destinies have changed.
My husband and oldest son went back two summers ago.
The children loved meeting Luke, and they are all looking forward to meeting Seth and Lydia.
It’s beyond sweet to know these children and our friend all the way on the other side of the world.
We pray for them.
They pray for us.
And, their prayers are powerful.
Their letters to us and the pictures of them that they send are some of our most cherished things.
Our friend’s greatest desire was to raise these children to love God and serve him.
Her heart longs for them to love the people of their country and to live their lives out loving and serving
in whatever capacity God calls them to.
Love changes people…
it can change an entire country.
Her deep, inner calling was to be in India raising forty six children as her very own.
God’s love overflowing out of her life is changing those children forever.
And, those children will be part of changing India forever.
Who knew, but God, that exactly ten years from the time that we were India,
we’d be traveling to China for our daughter.
God knows all things.
Anything good in our hearts is from Him.
Our desire started here.
The desires grew to an all-consuming, out of control, burning fire in our hearts in India.
We had no idea that the wait would be ten long years, but God did.
He knew the child that he had just for us.

When you know he’s called you to something and then you have to wait,
you can trust that his plan will come to be.
…In His perfect timing.
Psalms 27:14
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.
Psalms 130:5
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope.

Ni Hao Y

Woodard Gang - Sweet, sweet post my friend :) Missed ya’ll last night too!

Debby - I think she was well worth the wait.
(I have an adopted child as well)

paige - i can just imagine how precious their letters and pictures are to you. i love that.

beautiful post my friend

Tiffini - this blessed my heart in a way you will never know…xo

Brandi - Thank-you for sharing your beautiful story.

Bonnie - I love reading your posts! Almost always brings tears to my eyes. I love you and love your desire to serve God.

Stefanie - What an incredible Snapshot… WOW.
Amazing how He works to fulfill His purposes when His people are willing to say “Yes!”
Happy Sunday, Tara! And thank you for sharing that beautiful story :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words - Such amazing eyes! LOVE these.

Vintage Sassy - She is so beautiful and God knew exactly who her mommy and daddy were going to be. You are so blessed.


Hailey - This was beautiful, and your friend is an amazing woman. Like Stefanie said, I’m so glad she said yes to God’s call. Those children are forever blessed because of her decision. Beautiful pictures as well!

Jodi - Beautiful! God’s timing is just perfect isn’t it! :) Amazingly beautiful!!!

mhilderbrandt - Adam and I are in conversation right now and are waiting on God’s timing as we would like to adopt locally! What beautiful words and such honest emotion. Love you both (though we haven’t seen eachother in so very long)!

GLENDA CHILDERS - Wow . . . simply, wow.


LLH Designs - I’ve been curious about your adoption story. So precious. I love what you said at the very end of your post…about waiting and trusting and knowing.

Have you heard of Show Hope? My husband and I are annual partners. Mary Beth Chapman is one of my favorite peopoe I have ever met. Real as they come.


Life with Kaishon - My shirt is wet from tears. What a beautiful and wonderful post. I am so touched by your friends life and the way she is blessing these children.

Your daughter is very beautiful.

Paula - You just had me reliving our travels to Russia to get our daughter when our boys were 11 and 14. What a blessing they are to us.
What a living sacrifice to want to raise them in their country to show love there. What a blessing to India!
Thank you for sharing this with us and sharing your daughter, she is beautiful.

Blessedmom's Simple Home - What a beautiful post of how God has worked in the life of your family. Thank you for sharing :-)

sunniesuhr - I truly love these beautiful pictures, and the beautiful story of God’s amazing grace. He is so good.

Cha Cha - Thank you for reminding me that the wait has purpose also and to enjoy it. I needed to hear that. Beautiful post from a beautiful heart.

Cha Cha

Lorri - A beautiful little girl! I can remember the day Jenn and I brought the kids to your house to talk about the adoption process. I don’t think you stopped smiling the entire conversation. God is good!

These Are The Days - She’s SO beautiful and all those pics are great. Thanks for posting, touches my heart more than you know.

simpledaisy - What a beautiful and lovely post:)

Your daughter is gorgeous!

Blondie's Journal - This is such a beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes…


Annie - Oh my, I am in tears for that father and his precious children!! This was a beautiful post. I am learniing about God’s timing and learning how to trust completely in His perfect plan. It can be hard some days but it is a beautiful journey!

Farmgirl Paints - Your pictures of the girls are so good. It’s always been a desire of mine to adopt. My husband doesn’t share that same vision. It has to be a mutual thing. So I just quietly pray that if it’s God’s will his heart would change and if not that mine would.

Rosebud and Bluebells - Such a beautiful story, Thankyou for sharing it with us.
Donna xx

Amy Sullivan - Beautiful words, beautiful pictures.

Life with my sweeties - Just beautiful! I came across your blog from

mama's smitten - Such an admirable story… I enjoy visiting your blog :)

aheywood2 - The group I love dearly in Nepal sounds very similiar to the one you described in India. This one is called Tiny Hands. They rescue children and young girls from the sex slave industry and place them in a home. These homes have as many as 20 kids, but each home has two Christian parents that love and care for them. I know of not a deeper, more truer sense of being Christ on this earth, than what these people are doing for these lost children…loved reading this story. Your daughter is so very beautiful. What a gift.

Chris - Love this story….thanks for sharing!

Waiting on the Lord…..
….always hard yet so rewarding!

Kellye - Hi Tara, we are beginning to start the international adoption process. We are trying to learn as much as we can. Do you mind sharing what adoption agency you used? We are going to try the waiting children program and want to be sure we have an agency that comes highly recommended!! Your family is so beautiful! What blessings!!

Megan - Beautiful post Tara. Your words are so inspiring. She is amazing and what a gift you have given and received! I have a friend that is coming home today with a baby girl, so your post is perfect timing.

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Beautiful story, beautiful girl!

Nicole - i love that you have a baby from china. hubs and i actually met there while working for a ministry that runs summer camps for chinese orphans. i love those babies so much and can’t wait to have my own.


Jackie at Roots and Wings - What a beautiful thing your friend is doing in India! She reminds me of Amy Carmichael. I know you treasure those letters and your memories of trips there. I pray that you will have the opportunity to travel there together as a family someday. :)

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