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Adoption…chapter three.

The most often asked question we get about adoption is..
How did you know when you were suppose to start your adoption?
This is the simplest answer that we can give….
God birthed adoption in our hearts from the very beginning, and we waited to know His timing.
We walked through the doors as they were opened.

We had our boys two years apart, and it was awesome.
But, I had horrible, miserable, nasty pregnancies.
The kind where I was sick in the bed taking
Zofran for the throw-ups..
Phenergan suppositories for the nausea..
and a Reglan catheter in my leg to empty my stomach.
twenty weeks of pure misery.
It’s hard to talk about the misery of my pregnancies because I know there are people
who would give anything to just be pregnant and sick.
It was an honor and a blessing to be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant and birth beautiful baby boys.
but…my pregnancies were hard.

Before we even knew that our second child was a son, we were sure that adoption would be next for us.
After Seth was born, our next plan was to get the boys to a certain point and then start our adoption.

And then we found ourselves pregnant with a third child.
Taking adoption off the table was never an option, so at that point, I realized we’d have at least four kids!

But, at twelve weeks into our third pregnancy, there wasn’t a heartbeat.
According to the ultra-sound, there hadn’t been any growth since the seven week point in the pregnancy.
We grieved the loss of that child deeply,
but we knew without a doubt that out of our loss, God was going to take us to China for our daughter.
My husband scheduled his vasectomy before we ever started the paperwork for our adoption.

We both knew that adoption was how we wanted to build the rest of our family.

I will never forget laying in the hospital room for hours waiting my turn to go into surgery for my dnc.
It was so surreal to feel the sadness of our loss and at the very same time feel such a complete sureness
that we were suppose to start our journey toward adoption.
That sureness brought great joy to me in the midst of my grief.

God uses all things to give us the full life that he has planned for us.
He used our God-daughter’s birth here..
Our trip to India here
He used the sickness that I experienced in each of my pregnancies…
he even used our miscarriage…

At the end of every season and situation and circumstance, Adoption rang loud and true in our hearts.

~to be continued…the story of our sweet and precious, Lydia.

Linking up with Jessica over at These are the Days to celebrate Adoption

Kelly - I’m also an adoptive mom. We were not able to have biological kids, but when my doctor told us that the chances of us conceiving were pretty much slim to none, it was almost a relief. God had also birthed adoption in my heart at an early age and for me it was so comforting to have confirmation that my understanding of what His path for me (us) would be was true. Thanks for sharing your family’s story.

Deborah - How beautiful Tara…I love how Gods weaves our lives and brings beauty in every circumstance…all of your children are beautiful Tara.
I love what God is doing in your lives..He’s writing your love story….

With all my heart…Deborah xoxo

Ellie - I loved reading your family story. God is so amazing isn’t He?! Your story sounds a bit similar (and yet very different :) to ours! I am hoping to have a chance to post the way God worked in our lives bringing us to adoption (as His best choice for us!)

xo ellie

Biz - Thank you for sharing.
My husband and I have always said that we want to adopt.
I know that God will also show us when the time is perfect.
I may be back to ask millions of questions someday….I hope your still around in blogland!

Stephanie - Hi, Tara,

What a beautiful and touching story. Adoption has been on my mind recently, and as of today, I started researching how to go about the process. So, I think it’s funny that you posted this particular post today. :) God does have the ultimate plan. :)

Thank you for sharing you and your family’s wonderful story.


Janie Fox - I can’t wait to read the rest of this story. Thank you for sharing.

LLH Designs - I think adoption is one of the mot beautiful expressions of God’s love EVER! Makes my heart skip a beat to hear people’s longings and love stories about their precious, chosen children.

An OH MY side note: My sister had one, adopted one, and got pregnant unexpectedly just before receiving her adopted one. She’ll have three babies under the age of three!

I hear some very loud slumber party action upstairs, so I better run!
Happy weekend!

Alicia - thank you for sharing…it must be difficult to recount some of those painful days. but looking at the sweet photos of your kids, it’s certain that God had a plan for your lives.

GLENDA CHILDERS - Beautiful reminder of some of God’s ways.


These Are The Days - Thanks so much for joining Sophia’s Linky Party. I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, that must have been rough but I’m so glad you listened to the promtings to move on with adoption.


Kare - Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, I’m looking forward to reading about your journey. I also had hyperemesis with both my boys and I completely understand what you went through. Being sick the entire time, I had a picc line in my arm for nightly nutritional IVs in addition to the zofran. It was so difficult but in the end His blessings made it all so very worth it.
Hugs & blessings….

Lissa - what a great journey to your daughter. I’m so sorry you lost a baby. I know how painful that is. My sister in law lost hers at 38 weeks if you can believe it. It was awful. I held him. We have pictures… Anyways… she now has a beautiful daughter too but we will never forget christopher.

Cat - wow. what a touching story. i had no idea about your 3rd pregnancy. thanks for sharing your story.

Julie Harward - You have no idea…I have been there…3 of mine are adopted so I know your story well. My daughter Tiffany has the same kind of pregnancy as you do and she is just now starting on her 3rd one. Thanks for sharing your story…she is an angel! :D

Susan - Just found your blog, not even sure how. I love your journey through adoption. Thank you for sharing this with us. You have a beautiful family.

Amy Sullivan - Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.

Theresa - Such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing!

Life with Kaishon - I love how God worked this out for your family. Each and every child is lovely. What gifts God has given you.

Tessa - beautiful. all of it. your story. the faces of your happy children. simply beautiful. thank you so much for sharing your story.

Megan - I feel lucky to know you and the story of your beautiful family.

Love Being A Nonny - How have I missed your blog in the blog world? I am your latest follower. Off to read through more posts!

hometown girl - we all have our joys and sorrows to get through i think it makes us appreciate what we have. you have a beautiful family! thank you for sharing your story. susan

Privet and Holly - I never tire of
these beautiful
adoption stories….
We had a long road
to parenthood and
would have adopted
had it not worked
out {the way it
was supposed to,
I guess : ) }. Your
family is lovely!!
xx Suzanne
PS: Congrats on

Tiffany - GOD IS GOOD!!! What a special story. I know a few people that I will certainly be sharing it with. You have a lovely family and I pray that God will continue to bless you.

Kelli - What a sweet story. Adoption is close to my heart as my sister is adopted. What a glorious thing that we are able to do. Out of all of your suffering God truly blessed you and your family. Can’t wait for the next part :)

Polly - beautiful story! We are in the process of adoption and love to find encouraging stories.

Mary Beth - lord have mercy tara. just box her up and mail her north would ya?
i can’t handle it.
i just can’t.
that picture…..
to die for.
love u miss you- 35 weeks- pray for me! lots of crazy stuff going on this trimester.

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