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Adoption, Chapter Six…Thankful hearts.

I showed you a picture of Lydia on the famous red sofa in the last post,
 but I’ve never shown you the first picture we ever received of her.
I’ll never forget answering the phone and hearing our adoption agency tell us 
that our referral pictures were being sent in an email within just a few minutes.
They wanted us to be able to open it together, so needless to say,
 we were grateful Andy only worked a few miles from home.
There aren’t words to describe what we felt when we stood together at the computer 
and saw this precious face for the first time.
We cried.  We laughed.  We talked to the computer screen as if she could hear us.  
We were beside ourselves.  
Two years of waiting all summed up in that one moment.
A couple of months later, we all stood in the room together waiting for our daughters to arrive.
There were only five families in our group, so it was a very intimate space that we stood in together.
We finally heard our last name called, and we couldn’t believe it when we realized which little girl was Lydia.

It was the little girl that the nanny was holding when we nearly bumped into them in the hallway.

I realized as I saw the lady approaching us,
with tears falling down her face, that all my prayers for Lydia had been answered.

She had been dearly loved.
Her caretaker and her 13 year old daughter took a four hour bus trip with the directors to bring Lydia to us.
We didn’t realize until the next day how rare it is for caretakers to come on the journey.

Lydia doesn’t remember them.
She doesn’t remember how the woman’s daughter held her hand while she cried in our arms.
She doesn’t remember the girl letting her play with her cell phone to try and distract her from her fears.
She has no memory of her caretaker crying and struggling to hand her to us.
She doesn’t remember the woman giving us gifts for her when she’s older.
She doesn’t understand how special it is that we have the blanket and the outfit
that she was wearing when they met her.

She doesn’t remember them now, but God does, and we are so thankful for their part in her story.
Hebrews 4:13
Nothing in all of creation is hidden from God’s sight.
We are so thankful for this woman and her daughter, who loved her so deeply.
They cared for her in our absence.
They loved her enough to keep those things that will one day be precious to her.
They chose to be be part of her story, and we pray that they have eyes to see and hearts to understand that their part in her story is part of His big story.

Psalm 18:19
He brought me out into a spacious place;  he rescued me because he delighted in me.

Coastal Cottage Dreams - What a lovely post. She is precious!

slip4 - Such a sweet story.I needed that today!

Tricia - Seeing that sweet little face for the first time must have been such an amazing moment for you. I imagine that it must have been so hard for you to wait those few months before you could hold her and truly make her a part of your life. What a wonderful story ♥

Julie - How beautiful! I often thought we were being lead to a China adoption, but things never really seemed to fall into place.

Debby - Such a sweet sotry. What a wonderful caregiver your daughter had. I don’t imagine you are allowed to stay in contact with her. It would have been nice though. Good to have something to remind your daughter of this lady and her daughter.
My son didn’t have anything from his parents. He did have a teddy bear that we aren’t sure where it came from. He adored it and carried it everywhere for years. These kind of things are so important for them.

GLENDA CHILDERS - Oh, that picture and the sweet nanny loving your girl. How loving it was to pass her off to you … and what joy for your family. I have been busy and traveling and haven’t been reading much … so can’t wait to go back and read the other chapters. Thanks for sharing this sweet part of your family story with us.


Tanya@takesix - Tara, I just enjoyed all six chapters of your amazing adoption story. It is so wonderful how God uses others in our lives. We were blessed to be able to adopt three times domestically. We are so grateful to God for shaping our family this way. Our “babies” are now 22, 19, 15. How did that happen?? Thank you for sharing! :)

Michele - I will never forgot the day I first saw her picture too!! Do you remember saying you wanted to “suck her lips off her face” but didn’t think you should say that in China because they might not give her to you. Love that sweet girl, adoption is a such a blessing for everyone involved.

Jen - This brings back memories from our first in person meeting with our kiddos. Wonderful memories! We had very loving foster families for children. They had to travel a long distance by bus too. Public transportation in Guatemala is not a very easy way to travel.

Megan - Oh Tara, this is just beautiful. I have huge tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I read your words and look at sweet Lydia’s face in these photos. I cannot imagine that dear lady’s heart that day, but how comforted she must be now to remember such a beautiful baby girl and the warm, kind mother and father that came for her. To see Lydia now, it is awesome to realize just how far God has moved her in body and spirit. He transforms lives and for me His glory never ceases to amaze!

Deborah - Oh how He loves, loves, loves.
What a love story….from every angle.
He gave you such a precious gift in her…and she in you

Deborah \o/

Farmgirl Paints - I was just talking to a friend today about this. Remembering I think Shannon’s story. Those caregivers have a huge part in their story.

Christy - Precious! So very precious! Thanks for sharing. :)

T - So very heartwarming. Lydia is blessed indeed, showered with love then and now … always. You all are blessed.

Jackie at Roots and Wings - What an amazing journey your family has had. I can’t imagine you all without Lydia. God’s plans for us are amazing, aren’t they?
So thankful to have you all in our lives. :)

Mary - what a beautiful piece to the puzzle.
God is so kind to bless us with the desires of our hearts and take care of the smallest details.
this just makes my heart skip a beat.

Barbara - Beautiful,it must be so bitter sweet for her she is so brave and loving, my sister adopted two boys from our foster program and if it did not go through I don’t know how she would be able to let go of them it worked out and they are beautiful spunky boys.
Have a great day with your girl!

Tiffini - oh Tara…this makes my cry
how precious .. how HIStory is SO incomprehensible
how sovereign is His hand
and you have been entrusted with this precious heart
i love hearing this you girl! happy friday

our little family - I have loved reading about Lydia’s story so much. She is truly beautiful & I can tell deeply loved. I have to tell you, I just saw your family pictures on shane’s FB & I sat here and cried for a good 10 minutes when I saw your handsome Luke. I met Luke for the first time when he was in Kindergarten…the same spot where my Davis is right now. And I was pregnant with Davis when I met him that year. I cannot get my mind around the fact that he is so mature, handsome, and OLD! I know you are so proud of him. You are an awesome mama- so glad I’ve been able to keep up with you on your blog. The family pictures were amazing- pretty pretty family & awesome photographer. Take care!

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