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Adding Fall touches…

I bought some miniature pumpkins & gourds for the dough bowl on our barn table in the kitchen.
Remember when I showed you this picture that I copied from Pinterest?
The hay kind of makes it.

I brought my favorite orange owl out and put him on my grandmother’s old singer sewing machine.
We have this in our kitchen under the open shelves that hold all of the white dishes.
I’ll show you a picture of the whole wall later….

Max is enjoying his afternoon nap on the cozy throw that finds its home on the sofa.
I’m not sure what kind of “FALL TOUCH” this picture is, but it kind of works.
Okay, I just love my dog so much it hurts, and I look for excuses to show him to you.

I added Indian corn, hay and fall leaves and the big gourd
 to my extra large dough bowl on the sideboard in the dining room.
We used to live next to the sweetest lady in my hometown, and she made that gourd for me.
I ended up making a few for some friends, and they’re really easy.
I’ll try to remember to do a post on that project in the next few days….

This was also an idea that I got from Pinterest.
I loved the idea of putting a small pumpkin on each place setting in the dining room.
I am loving the bright orange up against the soft blue plates!

This has turned out to be one of my favorite nooks in the rental house.
The desk has always been in my daughter’s room,
 but it doesn’t fit in this house, so it’s now in our family room.
I added the basket underneath with a quilt that my grandmother made us for our wedding.
Baskets and blankets kind of scream FALL to me.
This is just a close up of the basket  and the blanket.
True story…
When we first got married, we pulled the blanket out to snuggle under it, 
and we got stuck with all the hundreds of pins that my sweet grandmother forgot to take out.
It was hilarious.
Now that she is gone, this blanket means so much to me.
I love knowing that she hand stitched the whole thing just for us.

Can you tell that I love Indian corn?

These are my small attempts at adding fall around the house in the midst of this crazy move.
I’m not the only one adding touches…
God is showing up in his creation all around me!
As I type this post, I’m staring at the most glorious tree in my front yard,
and it’s dripping with orange and yellow and red leaves.

{thankful for}

84.  colorful trees.
85. chilly weather.
86. the crab cake recipe from Pinterest that I’m cooking tonight.
87. our family devotion this morning.

paige - it's all so very pretty my friend!
dan & savannah are having dinner in athens tonight before she heads to the passion tour. i'm wearing a bright red, athens i love you shirt.
all of that makes me think of you!

Brandi - hi Tara! Everything looks so beautiful!

melody-mae - oh my goodness, it feels so warm and cozy! I would die for a desk like that…oh wow.

Rachel Pallas - Everything is wonderful!!! xoxo

Rachel Pallas - Everything is wonderful!!! xoxo

Rachel Pallas - Everything is wonderful!!! xoxo

{molly beth} - I love your little orange owl! It's so adorable. I also loved your gold frames with portraits of your children—gorgeous!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart - Lovely…AND…I want to smooch yor pooch!!! :-)

GLENDA CHILDERS - We moved last year at this time from Seattle to Chicago. Sending love and prayers in the transition.


Geneva - It was fun seeing all the Autumn touches around your home…loved every word of this post, the pictures and the inspiration! Thank you so much!

Lulu and Co. - All your fall touches look so cozy and fresh!

Everyday Adventures - love your fall decorations! Gourds are a fun word and love decorating with them!

Lissa - well my dear it's just cozy and lovely and i don't know anyone who loves fall more than you! ;) Glad you're enjoying nesting!!

Megan - Oh Tara, it all looks so cozy! The desk is a great addition to your living space. I love all of your dough bowls & how you decorated with them. Would love to see the gourd tutorial!

Melissa - Love your fall touches they look perfect

Little Leslie - Boy, you've made it your home for sure. I love the nook too, and I hear ya regarding Max. I love my kitty so much, that I even paint pictures of him.
maybe I'll do a post of kitty artwork.
Your place looks great. have a wonderful fall season.

Farmgirl Paints - is it wrong that i covet your owl? i do really i do;) i've had my eye out ever since seeing it last year. shame on me!!

Tricia @ A Rosy Note - Everything has such a nice, cozy feel. It looks like you're getting all settled in your new home :)

Deborah - I recently came across your blog and have enjoyed seeing your new home come together. I agree with "Farmgirl Paints". Loving the owl and the blueish plates a little too much myself. I'll have to keep my eye out for one also. ha

Looking forward to your post on gourds. I've been wanting to try my hand at that. Enjoy your beautiful fall tree. Florida doesnt' get that particular blessing. It's still in the mid 80's here in Orlando.

Kim B. - I LOVE how you decorated your dough bowls! Where did you get them by chance? Totally lovin that look :)
Your nook came out really nice too. I really like the wooden handled box on top of your desk. What a beautiful space. Hope you're finally able to start exhaling now :)

Laina - i LOVE that orange owl! where did you find it??

Tiffini - all so pretty. starting to feel like home? I can almost smell your candles burning…welcome home…welcome home

Lilla Kullan - Beautiful photos and a little cute dog.:-) Stina

Amy - I love all of the decorations! The orange owl is great!

Pinecone - Love that desk…and all of your fall touches look great!!
Happy weekending!

Tessa - it looks soooooo cozy!! i want your bread bowl. badly! xo

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