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Adding Fall to the Front Porch

Is there anyone else out there who decorates in shifts?
I swear, I tweak things a little here and a little there until I can’t add another thing to the mix.
I had the mums, the pumpkin, and the fern on our old milk can, and it seemed good enough
 …until I saw Karianne’s magnificent front door.
That was all she wrote.  I called my dad and frantically asked if he had any cornstalks left.
Thankfully he did, so we planned a trip on Saturday to pick them up.
My dad just sort of scratched his head as he watched me cutting them in the garden.
 I think he seriously wonders about me, but he is so happy to oblige me in my decorating quandaries.
I’d love to say I’m finished, but in a few weeks we’ll add more pumpkins, when I know they won’t rot!

paige - looks great my friend!

Shannon - love it! I always love the color Fall brings to a front porch and I’m right there with you, I’ve had the boxes out for the past week and a half adding a few items here and there daily. It takes me awhile to get inspired ;)

Christy - So much fun! I love to decorate for fall. My kids started asking if we could buy pumpkins as soon as the calendar flipped to September. :)

Dawn - this looks so great tara…i definitely decorate in shifts!! lol…it is the only way i know how to decorate :)

thistlewoodfarm - tara,

You are so funny :) I know your cornstalks are going to be amazing. Maybe we could arrange a little cornstalk potluck :)

Happy fall my wonderful friend!

slip4 - Lovely fall front porch. I decorate in stages too – so far everything is out but the pumpkins. Will add them in later this week.



Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - It looks gorgeous!! I always feel like I have to have both sides match, but you didn’t do that and I LOVE it! Hmmm, this is something I’ll have to keep in mind for future decorating. :)

Denise - lovely. i need a bit of inspiration to get my fall on.

Kjlb37 - I would like to do cornstalks on my front porch this year. How do you attach them to the sidelights? Love the look.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I have cornstalks right now… I have to use them!! Somehow. I’m not sure yet. And pumpkins aren’t out yet. What’s up with that!!?

Farmgirl Paints - Gorgeous…the corn stalks made it really fall like.

Thistle - tara,

LOL! I love your front door and cornstalks are so 2013. :)

Have a great day rock star!

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