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About Me

I have been married for fifteen years to a man who studies me.

He knows me more completely than anyone else on Earth, and he loves me still.  Grace displayed.

We have three kids who are turning out to be splendid people despite all of our shortcomings.
Luke, Seth and Lydia are three of our proofs that there is a God, and He is good.
I’m a people person, and I like to share my life with others and have them do the same.
This is one of the reasons that I blog.
I might have quit a while ago, but now I’ve made connections.
It’d be easy to quit a blog, but it’d be nearly impossible to quit the people.

Things you should know about me..
I love chunky guacamole and extra salty chips with todiefor salsa.
In fact, I could eat Mexican food five nights a week.
Some people think I’m hispanic, but I’m not.
Extra large cups of sweet tea with lemon are part of my daily routine.
I’ve had to give it up because I have major back problems and inflammation feeds on sugar.
This breaks my heart, literally.
When I’m at a party, I want to be able to have a below the surface conversation with everyone there.
I’ve been writing in journals since they were called Diaries.
About those journals…
My husband and my closest friends know to burn them if anything ever happens to me.
I start every single day with coffee.
I love my little dog-baby, Max, like he is my fourth child.
The best noise that I hear all day is a belly laugh from one of my kids.
I’m from the South, so I say things like “fixin’ to” and “cut the lights off.”
My accent is thick.
I have no tolerance for lying or ungrateful hearts.
I would die on those hills.
I love reading.
Our college students said I remind them of Sandra Bullock’s character, Leanne Touhy, in Blindside.
Is that a compliment?
We’ve lived in Kentucky, Alabama, Florida and now back in Georgia.
If I weren’t scared to death of botox, I’d get the largest injection possible in my # 11 wrinkle.
{the one between my eyebrows..or in my case, the two big wrinkles}
to be continued….