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A SUMMER SALE at Sacred Made

Have you heard of Sacred Made?  
My friend Cat, who blogs at Constant in Chaos, joined forces with her friend Becca to begin an on-line print shop together back in March.  The story of their friendship is proof that God can bring people together in the craziest of ways and cultivate friendships that last a lifetime.  Interestingly, Cat helped create the new design for my blog.  It was a real joy getting to  know her through that process, and I’d highly recommend her if you’re in need of a new blog design.  She was as patient as could be in helping me!!

Sacred Made provides beautifully designed scripture art that can serve as sweet conversation starters about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Cat and Becca hope that as the Lord blesses their vision, they will in turn be able to bless two ministries that are near and dear to both of their hearts.  Program 21 is a supplemental feeding program in Uganda Africa founded by Becca, and The Ark House is a Chinese foster home that Catherine partners with in ministry.

They are having a SUMMER SALE through the 20th, which is two short days away!  I looooove my print from them and wanted you to be able to take advantage of getting three prints for the price of two!  

Until the 20th, you can order any two 8×10 prints and get a third one of your choice for FREE.  I loooove free, don’t you?  Remember, buy 2 8X10’s and get your 3rd one free…no custom prints.

Here are just a few of the amazing prints that you’ll see in their shop::

I hope you’ll hop over to SACRED MADE and take advantage of the sale.  I’ve got a few friends I need to order for, and I can think of a couple of graduates that would love to have these in their new dorm rooms!

Lori - Is there a coupon code to input to receive your discount? It doesn’t register on my order form.

Lindsay Firzlaff - I’m having the same problem…

Cat - Tara, This is THE sweetest post I’ve even read. Thank you so much. you are so kind to do this post and write is so wonderfully! I’m so sorry I forgot to include the sale code! You went above and beyond for us and we love you! xoxo

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