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A soft place to land.

I’m thankful today for my family.  Our life isn’t perfect, but it sure is good.
I’m completely humbled that God has given us to each other.
I wouldn’t choose any other family’s “crazy” over ours.


It’s amazing to have people love you despite your flaws and many weaknesses.
Every single day~
…someone is impatient.
…someone is unkind.
…someone is proud.
…someone gets offended.
…someone is rude.
…someone is selfish.
…someone looks out only for their own interests.
…someone jokes at another’s expense.

But, in the midst of it all, there is a love that always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love conquers all and covers a multitude of sins.

We’re making our fair share of mistakes over here, but our kids are loved beyond words.
Hope you’re celebrating your special family tonight.
We kept it simple with homemade pizza and cupcakes…eating by candlelight makes everything fancier.

The Avery House - Happy Valentine’s Day Tara! I am so glad you all had such a day filled with together time with those you love.

slip4 - Happy Valentine’s Day! We are having a special family evening. Daughter home for college for a night, Dad bringing in dinner, sweet card from my teenage son, watching “Brave” tonight. Sweeeet! Candlelight is a good idea!

dmw212 - The sign says it all…..looks like one of yours…I love it!

Lissa - love it! love this post. We’re eating at home tonight too. Not to fussy. We’re grilling. Our first time since we put it away last fall. I’m excited. Tracy from Loving Pretty Things helped me plan the menu. She’s my hero about that kind of stuff. We used to always eat out for Valentine’s Day but I find that eating by candlelight at home is WAY better!

Empty Nest Full Life - Love the pizza and candlelight, and I think you have given me an idea!

Lynn Richards - Love this post. We all had dinner together and snuggled!

GLENDA CHILDERS - Lovely memories you are creating, Tara. And simple memories are my favorite kind.


Lemonade Makin' Mama - LOVE this new sign. You continue to amaze. and you’re right, I was just telling JJ that everyone you love with at some point hurt you so bad you want to walk away but you have to make a choice to love them with man’s love, or God’s. So hard some times. Looks like a really sweet set up for your little peeps. Bet they loved it. We do dessert first but Adrain gave up ice cream for Lent (after I had already bought sundae ingredients) so I supported him and we watched the hoodlums devour candy-laden bowls of goodness. LOL

Love ya girly.

Barbara - We live and learn, I don’t have little’s anymore but they were both home so we grilled Bruce’s favorite burgers it was absolutely wonderful, as your pizza was with your family.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tiffini - tara…sounds like a perfect day to me. cupcakes make everything right
but your right. i wouldn’t trade others crazy for mine…cause i know it
inside and out and you never know what another’s story REALLY is.
praying such a freedom for you friend..praying for strength to surround you not only
from our abba but from flesh.
rest for your mind and body…peace as you focus on Him and Him alone….much love to you
tonight. thinking about you:)

Mindy Whipple - Such a sweet post!

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