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A simple fall mantle.

My fall touches are very simple this year because life is calling for it.
I think I like this simple, natural look better anyway.
 Why do I ever even attempt doing anything more elaborate?  Simple is me.  I gotta remember that, huh?
Last week, Laura from finding home blew us away with fall home tours from 16 bloggers.
I was tempted to scratch my plan for simple, but then I remembered that I’m learning to listen to myself.
You know I love words, and the words that are coming to me in this season of life are:
slow down. breathe. listen. be present. 
This mantle is whispering all of those things to me!  
And, in keeping with my usual seasonal decorating philosophy, it was super easy and super cheap!
I literally had everything that you see minus the three little pumpkins.
Three cheers for simple.
Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chic is hosting a fall mantle party,
 so head over if you want to see more mantles than you know what to do with today!
{thankful for}
796. my friend’s good report from her drs yesterday.
797. an extra long hug from luke this morning.
798. a great counselor.
799. a great workout when I didn’t feel like going.

kerrie of sea cottage - Beautiful, but that painting is ‘wow’ to me…my mantle feels very empty but i like simple too. ox

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I’m feeling the same way about going simple. (Then i say that and think that it’s kind of subjective and there are probably people who view my “simple” as too much… then i start to second guess myself. Okay moving on.) I didn’t want to buy much this year, but rather use what I had on hand for the most part and I love the simplicity in THAT. Haha. Love all that you’ve done here. I will have to go check out that home tour. :)

Anne Marie - i think a sign that said that would be perfect somewhere in your home ; ” slow down. breathe. listen. be present. “

and in my home too….I was just going through some old magazines while nursing the baby, and purging (which is a hobby of mine it seems lately) and I was just reaffirming that in my mind too – simple is me –

xo + blessings,
Anne Marie

Barbara - Love it I’m with you simple and natural, after all we don’t want to look like a department stare.
Have a great fall day!

Megan - I had recently decided that I am not a mantle decorator, as I have been content with my simple two lanterns. But now you went and changed all that and have me thinking!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - So pretty and so you. Simple is good. :)

Little Bitty Damn Houze - I LOVE it!! I’m “simple” too!

paige - i love your words. i love that you have your eye on the prize…the prize of simple. i love that about you.
glad to hear your friend had a good doctor report.. xo

Tiffini - so pretty!
i agree…simple is so needful these days
and i laughed when i read your workout comment
i think the workout genie is against me…i went monday – first time in like…forever
thinking i would go all week..make it a know?
and then my transmission goes out in walmart parking lot..geesh
i am doomed…ha!
thankful thought it wasn’t over at my dr. appt an hour away
made it easy for someone to get me
so guess the gym won’t be happening this week
hope that made you laugh

Kelly Cach - We share a brain…I’m pretty sure of that. Simplify. It’s been my goal for several years now. But then I see someone else’s style, and think ‘Hhhmmm… style is, um…dumb’ –Hahahaha! Not sure why that makes me laugh, it just does. I try to copy and I just end up with a cluttered mess.

Your style isn’t dumb, though…so I’m copying your simple :)

Amber Hash - The effect of candles look simply outstanding! Perfect idea to decorate my old boring mental! Thanks a lot for sharing it! Cheers!

Tricia - Simple is so good. I’d say you hit the mark perfectly. I sure love those lanterns :)

Laura @ Finding Home - Thanks for sharing our home tour – love your mantel!

ana - WOW! Stunning! Love the art…did you paint it? Just lovely and interesting and warm! Blessings!

Terry - I just love the artwork, and was wondering where you found it?

Tara - The artwork is from a local artist, Cecel Allee, here in Ga.

Tara - We bought that painting from a local artist. :) I WISH I could have painted that…it would look incredibly different if I had. :)

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