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A funner Summer.

I’ve been gearing up for summer all week because today was our last day of school.
Whoooooooooo Hooooooooot!  Happy Dance!  Happy Dance!

I’ve made my summer reading list; now I’m working on one for the kids. 
Do your kids read over the summer?  We give our kids an incentive…MONEY.  
Works like a charm.
They don’t get rich off of it, but they sure do compete to see who can earn the most.

I won’t bother with showing you the chore list that I make, but believe me, I make one.
It’s good for them.
Future spouses will thank me one day…I just know it.

I also break out the chalk and make a summer fun list…totally copied Meg a few years ago.
My only plan in the whole thing is to keep it simple.
It’s so funny.  My parents never made a summer fun list.  Did yours?

My dad’s idea of “summer fun” was working us near to death in the garden.
He swore it made us better people.  {he might have been onto something.}
My mom’s idea was taking us swimming everyday and keeping us outside.
We lived outside from sun-up ’til sun-down.  
We played in the creek, ran in the pasture, and caught fireflies in mason jars.

The smell of summer was all over us at the end of each day; you know that smell?
We played hard and collapsed into bed each night.
And to think we did it without a summer fun list. 

What about you?  Do you make a summer plan?  
The older my kids get, the faster summer seems to fly by.  
I positioned that clock next to our list on purpose…to remind me that it’s all fleeting.

Remind me of that in about three weeks when I’m going bonkers.  umkay.  thanks.

Art and Sand - Lucky you! We have 2 more weeks and that is quite early for California schools.

I have my summer to do list ready, a stack of books next to the bed, another set of books loaded on my Nook.

Now all I need is vacation.

Wendy Stewart - I love your list. I love celebrating anything and everything. When I was a kid (a gazillion years ago), we had 1 rule… be home by dark. Times have changed. I can’t imagine not knowing where my kids were.
Love your blog.
Happy Summer!

theelizabethhighsmith - My mom paid us to read too and we so had a chore chart! Also (may your children forgive me) when we were older our punishment was writing papers. We think she s pretty smart now! Happy happy summer! Love the clock imagery!

Blondie's Journal - This is so sweet! I wish I were a list person, I just seem to lose them! I need a chalk board. Yours is so cute! We never had many rules in the summer when I was little, we lived in the country and spent almost everyday at the lake. Sometimes we took the bus into town to hang out at Woolworth’s and buy chocolate at Fanny May. Am I giving away my age?!

I never really made up lists for my kids either. They were such good students and into so many activities during the school year, I just wanted to let them be free in the summer. Ironically, my son loved to golf all summer and now he is a golf pro and gives lessons for a living. One of my daughters parked in front of the TV and watched HGTV and now has a degree in interior design. My baby was a big reader and she is now finishing up her last year of college and guess what? She’s going to be an English teacher! Maybe I did something right! Life can be odd!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your sweet family, Tara!


slip4 - Happy long weekend, Tara! It is hard to believe summer is near here in’s so chilly outside this morning. We are heading to the farmer’s market..fresh veggies, hot coffee and breakfast burritos (the real reason my husband will get up early and go with me!). My girl stayed in her college town for the summer to work and take a few classes and my summer will be a lot of getting my son ready to go to college in the fall. We used to have a summer list when the kids were young but I never thought to write it on a cool chalkboard like yours..just a list on a legal pad :)

Sarah - Love this! We are doing our “summer” in August, but I think we could pack in a whole lot of fun in August? Don’t you? And maybe we could do some of the smaller things in June and July? I need to make a list. Thanks for this reminder

LLH Designs - Love what you said about the smell of summer being all over you. I know that smell! SO thankful for summer. I like a no list, no schedule, no panned activity kind of summer. Though I think my girls would like a fun list. I”m always scared they’ll want to do things that aren’t “fun” in my book. As in, things that make me have to depart from my homebody self. Need to get over that, don’t I?!?! xoxo!

Kelly Cach - I sure love this summer list idea. I always start out with good intentions, but to be completely honest, I end up failing miserably. I am lazy when it comes to keeping my kids busy, entertained, or disciplined with reading or chores. And now with Nora, I welcome any break from responsibility I can get…she is so busy (and that is an understatement…so busy I don’t even have the energy to explain it. She is different than my boys were, and not because she’s a girl with different interests and temperament, but because she is “Nora”). Sigh…..okay, done feeling sorry for myself.

I’m off to find us a chalkboard….thanks for the idea!!!

Barbara - I don’t hve young kids if I made one it would be som much more like a honey do for the kids of 23 & 24 but maybe I will make one for me and my husband.

Make Ice cream Yum!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh man I NEED a summer plan. Seriously I have got to come up with something FUN. Otherwise we’re all going to sit around and look at one another. LOL

Tiffini - love you..i am back…lol maybe:/
i know that smell of summer
i read below your reading list…such good stuff!
i miss the days before technology when i did have time to read
hugs…getting your strawberry cake recipe for cupcakes this week..

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