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A DIY Project & Some Great News!

I am so excited to share a project we just completed in our kitchen and a fantastic update on my health!
I’ve shown you this wall a few times, but if you look closely, you might spy something new to the left.
Do you see the white planked wall peaking out?  
Andy surprised me with it when I took the kids to Orlando for a few days last month.
It looked like this at first because Andy wasn’t convinced it needed to be white.
He asked if we could sit with it for a few days to make sure we wanted to paint it.  Of course, I agreed.
Then, I lost my hearing in one ear and began a grueling three week journey!!
I came home yesterday from my 2nd MRI just as he was putting away his paint brush.
{I think he wishes I would have come up with a better plan than a health scare to get that wall painted!}

We ended up getting some bamboo blinds to add some texture and warmth to the space.
If I can EVER commit to some fabric, I’ll add some panels to either side for more color.
What’s your vote on panels? Yes or No?
The gorgeous city scape was made my sweet friend, Jackie.  
She’s in the process of opening up her own Etsy shop, and I can’t wait because you’ll love her art!

We love it and feel like it might just be the best $35 we’ve spent in a long while.
You read that right!  The whole wall cost us thirty.five.buckaroos.
I would give you the step by step instructions, but we got ours from Shelley and Cason over at House of Smiths.
They did such a fantastic job explaining all the ins and outs of it!!
Not only is it a cheap project that adds an instant cottage vibe, but it’s also a quick one…3 hours from start to finish.

I have to say, this space has been a “HaPpY SpOt” for me this week in the midst of seeing doctors!
It has been a HARD three weeks, and I was in need of some “HAPPY” this week.
I have several posts in my heart to share with you from this journey, but today I needed FUN.
I know you get it.:)

I did want to let you know that I heard back from my neurologists this afternoon.
My MRI and MRA that they did yesterday are clear and normal.  WHooooo HOOT!
All I’m waiting on now are my blood test results, which should be complete next week.
I also went in to see my ENT for another hearing test this morning,
and what was an 80% loss is now a 55% loss in my right ear.  Awesome changes!!

Thank you doesn’t seem enough for the prayers you’ve prayed for me and the kindness you’ve shown.

{thankful for}
756. good news!!!
757. bright sunshine
758. friends and family
759. March winds

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - So so happy that both tests came out clear and that your hearing is starting to come back. I’ll pray everything is fine and your hearing is restored soon.
I loooove your plank wall. Good job to your hubby!! The room looks great!!

Farmgirl Paints - well PRAISE HIM! that’s amazing news. still completely baffled by what’s making your ear ring like that. i hope they don’t just rule out stuff, but actually figure it out;) i need answers!

your room is gorgeous!!! seriously i love your style and your friend is T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D!!

slip4 - Whew. Such good news! I think you will sleep well tonight! Love the wall – perfect. I am one of those people who has a hard time imagining what changes will look like – I would have to see the panels to have an opinion :) So I will defer to others who have better “vision”.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That - Wonderful news. Praise the Lord!

Love the wall. It’s so unique.

Mindy Whipple - I’ve been following your blog and praying for your health challenges. Such great news – praying the hearing is restored fully!

Blondie's Journal - Great news on your ear problem! As someone who is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids, I KNOW you have been blessed. And I am grateful for what hearing I do have. :)

Love your new paneled walls! Your hubby is so sweet!


Wendy - Your wall looks fabulous! And what a blessing about your test results. That’s great news! :)

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} - I’m so glad to hear this great news, Tara!! I found myself praying for you on the way to work in the car after first reading about what was happening. I prayed that God would restore your hearing, it’s such an important sense and being a mama, you need to hear your little ones. XO

I just love the planked wall in both natural wood and white but like you I prefer the white. Your whole eat-in area is just lovely. I totally adore that sisal looking drum shade you have. Did you buy it or is it a DIY project? Hugs to you and wishing more good news for your hearing in the coming weeks.

Aimee - That is awesome news! So happy for you, Tara!!! And I’m LOVING that paneled wall! So inexpensive but it adds so much texture. LOVE! xo

sara@augustfields - tara, such good news!! i am so glad that your hearing is returning. praise God! i also reeeaalllly like your plank wall. it looks great girl!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - The plank wall looks fantastic! Really, really great. Can’t wait to see it in person. :)

Jackie at Roots and Wings - And thank you for your overly generous compliment. :)

Sara - That is GREAT news! And the wall. Drooling over here. I’ve been thinking planks for about 9 mo. and we have yet to get ‘er done. But we will! Eventually. :)

Mary - high fives girlfriend!
i’m so happy for you!!! :)

God is so very good!
also, you’re speaking my love language here with planked walls!
at our last house, we had several, so i’m itching to get a few in this dated old ranch beaut. :)

Suzan Sweatman - First of all congratulations on your great ” numbers ” !!!
Second of all I LOVE your plank wall – absolutely beautiful and I agree it should be white!
Your friends artwork is pretty awesome too

Tricia - Oh Tara, that’s such great news! I’m so glad that your test results were so good and that your hearing is improving. Hopefully, you problem will be resolved soon!

Your plank wall looks amazing! You’re blessed with a wonderful husband :)

Christine Stanfield - I also love that drum shade too. I drool whenever I see it in the pictures.

l8blmr - Great news! So glad that you are improving!

Love the wall!

Love, love, love the drum shade! Where did you get it or is it DIY?

Sarah - Yay! Yay! Yay! So glad things are feeling better for you. I will still be praying that answers will be found, but am so glad things are moving in the right direction. Love your plank wall, and I love it better white also. Hope you have a great weekend!

paige - you know i’m so pumped & excited for you!!!!!
does george ever sleep? i mean seriously does he ever stop??
looks fabulous my friend!

LLH Designs - Love the planked wall and am so thankful to hear your good news. I’m relying on prayer for some healing of ongoing things…asking God to bring complete healing…asking him to show off His power! Don’t you love it when He does that? xo!

MDP - Thrilled for the good news, and oh, I want that planked wall!

Beth - Wow! God is so good, still praying for a complete recovery!
Love the wall! And love it painted white, even though the natural looked really good too. Tough choice.
I can never commit to fabric too much to choose from!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - I am so relieved for you that your tests came out well. Such wonderful news! I hope the ringing is better too. My ears are ringing as I type this and it is annoying! Hope you enjoy your day. Your wall looks great!

AOK Mom - PTL for the clear MRI and improvement in hearing. Will continue to pray.

Kelli - Wonderful news..the power of prayer!!
Love your wall…I like the white.

Holly and Sean - Looks amazing!! And that is so great to hear about your ear. I saw your last post and have been thinking about you lots :)
Enjoy your pretty space (and I say take the plunge on panels).

Lisa Marie Wells {Not Too Shabby Mama} - Great news!! Good bless!!

Genny - So happy for you! Hope your hearing loss is fully regained! Will keep you in my prayers!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - What??!! How did I miss this post Tara!! That is so wonderful and I’m soooo happy to hear how God is healing and restoring you. Oh praise Him!!

Oh and the wall is stinkin cute too. Love.

Cindy D - To become a Mom despite breast cancer.

oneamazinglife - I had that same thing happen to my right ear last year in February. After an MRI and blood tests for Lyme disease, it started slowly coming back. By June it was at 95%. The only thing that happens now is an earache when I fly and for a couple of days after. I can deal with that after being deaf….To God be the Glory!

Rhiannon Goodbread - I have been reading your blog for a while now and appreciate you so much! Thank the Lord for answered prayer and the blessing of having Him to go to in our times of need :) Love the plank wall :) we are renovating a house and are doing that in our laundry room…so fun! God Bless

Donna - I just found your blog recently and have been reading it intently. Your family and home are beautiful. Sorry to hear of your health issues..I’ve been praying for you. I wish that I had found you sooner as your words offer such encouragement. I really needed all I could get a couple of years ago. I’m sure this need never stops though. Can’t wait to read more and see more of your fresh ideas. Your home is lovely as is your family. Love the planked wall white. Have a wonderful day!

Donna - Would you mind if I asked where you found the light and shade over over dining table? Love that shade!

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