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A day in the life…

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First of all…is that owl not beyond awesome?
She looks like she’s about to tell somebody something.
I thought she’d be appropriate for this post, since I’m gonna share with you a day in my life.
I’m joining a cool linky party that Tiffani over at House of Belonging is having today!

I could show you the three loads of laundry that need to be washed, dried, folded and put away.
I could tell you the books that my kids are reading this week.
I could go on and on and on about my
…workout schedule
..the books I have completed and the ones I’m still trying to finish
…the bags that need to be packed for a trip that is coming very soon
…the fridge that needs to be cleaned out before said trip
…and the school schedule that we’re following
But, I’ll spare you all the details of our very normal everyday schedule.
I love words.
I live for the details in stories.
In fact, I’m pretty sure that my next big project is going to be adding a gallery wall 
full of some of my favorite quotes and sayings and words to live by.
I thought instead of giving you a run down of a typical day around here in terms of 
school and workouts and meals and such….
I’d give you some truths that we try to honor in the midst of our every day routine.
Let me just give one tiny disclaimer….I could have listed a gazillion more quotes and sayings and truths
but I had to stop somewhere…..
I hope these words inspire you the way they inspire us.
The times are countless that I remind my kids that it seems impossible until it is done.
…..their writing assignments.
…their math work.
…the dishwasher that they are asked to unload.
…the laundry that needs to be put away.
How many times have I reminded them to be true to who God made them to be?
I  have one that is a total people person and one that loves people but finds himself needing to retreat.
The one doesn’t understand why he sometimes needs a break. He struggles to appreciate his uniqueness.
They all do on any given day…struggle to love the qualities of their personalities.
God made them exactly like they are for his glory and for his purposes.  I really want them to get this.
Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder
Help one another.  Be nice.  Encourage someone.
I get a lot of chances every single day to be this to my kids and to my husband.
And, they get the same number of chances.
When you live with people, you are over loaded with opportunities to extend grace.
These are some of the words that make up our daily routine.
I feel like it’s been a decent day if we get at least half of these truths accomplished.
And, the good thing is…
His mercies are new every morning, so we can always head to bed and try again tomorrow.

Eileen - Oh, I LOVE this! What beautiful truths to strive to live out on a daily basis :) Thank you!

pink pig cottage antiques - what a great blog full of happy inspiration… thank you!

Rene - I love your words! The last one is my very favorite. I think a wall gallery of saying is a great idea.


Sheri - Love your post – so encouraging and heartfelt. In fact I’m borrowing one of your sayings for my FB status today. Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing :)

IAMSNOWFLAKE - Thanks for the inspiring words!

Janie Fox - I love them all. I am posting be a lamp one to my facebook status. I LOVE it. Have a great week.. Ollie comes tomorrow!!

Tiffini - I LOVE TIHS TARA! You and me and words…I am the same way..quotes…yes!
I thought that when I move I would do a similar thing…with words and quotes. Who needs any other decor right? That is what inpsires and movitvates me!
SO are a risking woman and I love that quality about you..

Cat - love this! it did inspire me! thank you.

patsy - what wonderful reading first thing this morning..thank you so much! and i LOVE that cute little angry owl…i want one and want to know where to get it ;) so stinkin cute!

Hershey's Moma - Be true to who you are is near to my heart… <3 the owl!

Jamie - I LOVE it…..I could have these blownup and framed.How Precious and sweet.Words arent just words it’s the meaning that they say!!!

Please feel free to stop on over and visit!!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - Love all of the sayings – the first is a personal favorite. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people could just pause and think before they react.

Farmgirl Paints - Oh those are great. Love that cute owl! Too funny:)

Pressed Petals - love that owl! too cute!

Julie Harward - Beautiful words here today. I love words too and have them all over my home :D

Michele - That owl is beyond awesome, if I see one I’ll buy one for you and you do the same….K??? One of my favorite posts ever…think I am going to have to steal that idea of a wall of quotes, in my house or in my home, or maybe both!

Lissa - becky loves words! I always think of her when i see words. Now i will think of you too.

Ms. Bake-it - What a wonderful and inspiring post! Love the owl!

Patti - Amen sister!! That was great! That owl is the awesome!

Julie - Beautiful…what wonderful ideas to focus on!

LLH Designs - I love the idea of a words gallery! Go for it! And show us when you do. The owl put a smile on my face…with that little piggy (?) tucked under its wing!

Enjoy this day in your life!

LLH Designs - More like a mouse looking back! ;)

Jen - The owl (and quotes!) rock, indeed!

Life with Kaishon - I love the owl.
and the words.
Oh, I love the words.
Thank you for the words.
Just what I needed to read today.
You are inspiration.

Petie - What a great post! And that is the cutiest owl I have ever seen. Did you make him?

Jennifer Rizzo - I love that owl.. she looks mad though! :) Thanks for the great words today!

Robyn Q - I love those words! I can tell they are going to stick with me for awhile! Especially like the -lamp, lifeboat, latter!! That might end up on my facebook.

PS. this song gets stuck in my head & it’s so fun!

Elaine - So many many inspiring words today. Thank you.

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