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A Confident Heart…the review and a give away!

If I’d read this book three months ago, when I was supposed to,
 it wouldn’t have meant nearly as much to me as it does right now in this very season I’m in.
Renee Swope is the author of A Confident Heart,
 and she beautifully shares her own struggles with insecurity.
As she very honestly shares her life’s story, one thing becomes all the more clear to me.
Our stories are powerful.
It is most often the hardest parts of our stories that God chooses to use to make himself known.
The delimma is that those hard parts of our stories are sometimes held captive by the insecurities
 that they trigger.

Have you ever noticed how insecurity beckons us to constantly consume about ourselves?

Why don’t my kids listen and obey like her kids?
Why can’t I be as thin as her?
Why can’t I be as emotionally strong as her?
Why can’t I have a home like hers?
Why can’t I speak in front of others like her?
Why can’t I be as stylish as her?
Why can’t I clean house like her?
Why can’t I cook like her?
Why can’t I serve like her?
Why can’t I lead like her?
Why can’t my hair be as long as hers?  as thick as hers? as straight as hers?  as curly as hers?
Why can’t I be happily married like her?
Why can’t I read as many books as her?
Why can’t I have patience like her?
Why can’t I enjoy my kids like she enjoys hers?
Why can’t I support my husband the way she supports hers?
Why can’t I give like she gives?
If we can stay distracted by those nagging thoughts, we won’t ever have the courage to share our story.
If we never have the courage to share our story, 
then no one ever gets to see God’s grace and love and power at work in our lives.
God created us to have confident hearts but not in anything outside of his love for us.
 Insecurities keep us searching for our significance in everything else but God.
God has to be enough at the end of every insecure thought that grips us.

We’ve all experienced loss in our lives, and loss of any kind breeds insecurity.
Probably, the most helpful thing that Renee suggests in her book
is the importance of making a timeline with written painful memories & emotions.
It’s important because it provides a visual example of the places in our lives
 where insecurity most likely crept in and took root in our hearts.

She also reminds us that it’s not enough to look at the timeline and see the broken places in ourselves.
We have to replace the lies that insecurity whispers incessantly in our minds
 with the truth of God’s word that has the power to transform our hearts.

Renee’s publishing company, Revell, is allowing me the opportunity to mail one of you
your own copy of A Confident Heart.

Leave a comment if you’d like a chance to win.
I’ll use the random generator to pick a winner of the book on Sunday.

Cody and Danica - I would love a copy! Pretty sure every single one of those thoughts entered my mind today at a play group w four other amazing women. I am crossing my fingers.

Michele - Would love a copy, and I am gonna use the timeline idea with a few of my clients, I've done it for myself over the years and it is powerful!!! Those thoughts are in my head constantly, then I am always asking myself "what do I knwo to be true?" some days so much harder to know and believe. Thanks.

Suzluvsflowers - I would love a copy of this book! Holding on to what is 'true' has been a lifesaver for me….

Bonnie - Oh!! What a great giveaway! I think ALL women strufggle with this! Would LOVE to win!

Laura Danielle - Wow, I would love this! I understand the huge struggle of loss breeding insecurity. Welcome to my everyday battle right now…. praying and seeking, praying and seeking. Miss you love you can't wait to see you again soon! :)

Deborah - I'd love to win a copy. Thanks for the opportunity.

Rachel - I would love to read this. sounds incredibly helpful! thanks :)

Sheri - I struggle with this – especially with parenting and patience – i think you probably pulled some of those questions in your post right out of my heart. I would really enjoy this book i think.

Kathy B. - I'd love to read this book but to get it from a drawing would be awesome!!

Sheri - Hi Tara – You won my little prayer book giveaway. Not sure if you got my email, but send me your address and I'll get your package in the mail.

Tiffini Kilgore - hey friend..aahhh wishing you were here in flesh today.
this post was timely for me. I know this is so dumb and insecure but
my sisters are both exercising away and looking so fit and here I am running
like a chicken with its head cut off..with my back can't exercise like I used to.
boo hoo hoo….I know
Feeling a twinge of jealousy and confessing it to God of course. Just something to
take my mind off of Him. OH how I want to be ok in MY skin. You have a crazy friend

thinking of you and giving you a squeeze today

Renee - This is great. I'd love to win a book!!!

Emily - Sounds like a great read!!

April - So inline with what God is already doing in my life. It is one of the books on my list.

Emily's Adventures - - Girl…you know how I feel about book…especially ones that sound this good. Put my name in the drawing! :)

Patti - Tara,
What a great post! It's so true. I think women are notorious for comparing themselves to others and never living up to the unrealistic expectations they set in their minds. Honestly, we can be our own worst enemies! This book sounds like a gem. Please enter me in the drawing! =)
-We miss you around UCUMC…but I hear the content and happiness in your posts describing your new life. God's so awesome….he always brings us to (or back to) the place we need to be! =)

The House of Witz - I absolutely LOVE this book and I am almost done with An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell! Another excellent read!


Lauren - Tara, you have no idea how much my heart needed to read your blog just now. Truly, God spoke to the insecurities in me and longs for me to rest in the unique way He created me to be me. Obviously, I wouldn't have any way of receiving the book here in the DR if I won the drawing, so you can count me out, but know that I was encouraged by your words today! Love you :)


Lissa - oh goodness girl! This sounds like a book I should read! I've won many battles with that nagging insecurity but still struggle in other areas! ALways working to completely find my security in Him and Him alone!

Vanessa - I have asked ALL the questions you listed. I beat myself up daily because of comparisons and dwelling on all the things I don't do well or *think* I don't do well. It would be nice to be set free from all the insecurities. Thanks for the chance to win.

Beth - Tara, this sounds like a great book! :-)

LLH Designs - Of course I'd love a chance to win…especially since you and I seem to have the same book taste! I think I'll have to put this on my list whether I win or not. :)


Katie - Sounds so good and applicable just about now :)

Julie - I'd love a chance to win. This sounds like a book I need to add to my list to read.

lori Martin - Was inspired by your post today and Ran to the bookstore today to look at this book . A book really wasn't in my budget today and when I got there it was on sale for $5 just today! So excited, I purchased it and Can't wait to start reading! Thanks!!

Beth - Sounds like a really insightful book–and one that would speak to my heart!

hometown girl - i've asked myself many of those same questions, thank you for the chance to win! have a wonderful weekend! susan

Dana - Sounds like just the book for me right now. I am constantly thinking about the kind of mother I am and what I want to be instead. Thanks for the suggestion, whether I win or not!

Mrs. E - Thank you for the chance to win! This book sounds perfect for me in my life now…needing to share my story, but definitely insecure in many areas…Ugh!

jerri - Wow….open your heart and he will find his way in. This book looks to be the answers to those prayers. Thanks you!!!

Candace - I just stopped by your blog from Edie's link! :) I would love to win, I think I need to read this book!

Elizabeth - I am the queen of insecurities so this book if I win it or not is a must read! Thank you for this post.

Kristi - Feel like God led me to your post tonight! Well, He led me here via Edie but still….I'm here and that list of questions so spoke to me. As most bloggers, I love words…I love stories…I love the powerful connection they form between us. But I have lost my confidence and I do compare myself without even realizing what I'm doing. Definitly a book I need to read whether I win it or not! :)
Thanks for the offer!

Wendy's World - I'm your 1000th follower. Came from Edie's blog. Would love to win the book. Love love love the sign you made her. What a beautiful sign. Thank you

Privet and Holly - I've found that in
my 40's those voices
that nag and cause
doubts have become
softer and hopefully,
they will fade away
and allow me to continue
focusing on the great
things in this life that
really matter! Sounds
like a very powerful read.

Happy Sunday,
xx Suzanne

Donna - Saw from a comment above that you are the one who made Edie's sign. It is just beautiful and so appropriate. I am sure she will treasure it always.
I hope I am not too late to enter for the book giveaway. I need all of the confidence I can get.

Marathonmom - God led me here today. Those voices have been screaming so loud lately that it's all I can hear. They block The Voice of Truth. Thank you for your post.

twest70 - Tara,
Wow, I guess I have to read this book! You know me and how deeply I struggle with insecurity. Thanks for your recommendation. Insecurity is a faith stealer! Instead of putting our faith in the Lord, I end up allowing fear to rule me! But, God is amazing, he knows exactly what we need. Like a book…

Cheryl - I really need this book. I have had horrible insecurity my entire life, and would love to be a self-assured, positive role model for my daughter.

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