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A clock and some catching up.

Isn’t that clock ridonkulously wonderful?
We found it in Madison, Georgia on that recent get away that we took together.
We put it in our foyer, and it replaced our family rules sign, which now needs to find a new spot.
One project always leads to another one, right?
I’m gonna be honest.  I’m tired.  We had friends in town last week and we played hard.
They left on Friday and then on Sunday night one of my college roomies came into town
with her three kiddos for the night.
We stayed up way too late talking about everything under the sun.
The next day we ended up meeting our other two roommates with their kids for a day of swimming.
It was crazy to look around the pool and see twelve kids between all of us.
It seems like just yesterday we were kids ourselves.
 We’ve come a long way since we all lived together in 338J 17 years ago.

When I’m tired, I’m way more emotional than normal.
I’m sad that Michele and her crew are back in Pennsylvania.
We talk every single day without fail, but having her here is so much better.

I’m also feeling sad that summer is coming to a close.
Is it me or did it JUST start?
I’m in a little bit of denial that our first day is August 10th.

We’re busting our cans over here to complete that summer fun list.
You know me and my lists..I can’t sleep good until everything is crossed off.

I don’t know if you see where it says “PLAY UNO” down toward the bottom of our list,
but you need to know that we could win an award for the number of games we’ve played.
We’re seriously playing morning, noon and night.
Lydia is the reigning champion..girlie is freakishly good at UNO.
She wants to keep playing until she has won more games than anyone else.
She may or may not have picked up that competitive thing from me. uh oh.

We’re knocking snow cones off the list tonight when we go purchase our machine.
I’ve put it off and put it off, but the kids will protest in the front yard if I don’t get that thing tonight!!

{thankful for}
441. my kids drinking the juice I made for them today!!!
{apples, oranges, grapefruit, carrots, lemons and fresh ginger root}
442. family night tonight.
443. tutoring with luke today…he’s doing great and not complaining, which is a miracle.
444. sweet time with Jesus…much needed and long overdue.

Michele - love the clock… glad mine is haning in my living room to remember my time in GA!!! I am super sad today too, love talking to you everyday but so much better in person!!! We have caught the UNO bug here too… - I love Stone Mountain! I lived out that way as a young child, and I have fond (but somewhat fuzzy) memories of the Laser-Light Show on Summer evenings!

Alicia - i’m the exact same way with lists and i’m feeling the exact same way about summer…enjoy every bit :)

Farmgirl Paints - Love the clock and I hear ya with playing hard. I’m tired to the core. Your house is so pretty. I love the way you decorate. Still thinking on my sign. Sorry I’m so slow.

Life with Kaishon - We just played Uno tonight : ) I am happy to report that I WON! : )
Please tell me you are kidding about school starting on the tenth of August?
That makes me want to cry.
I think we start the last week of August.
I am totally in denial about it.
That is healthy, right?
: )

Jackie at Roots and Wings - I love your clock! :)
And I’m totally with you on being emotional about summer slipping away; we leave O.C. in two days
and I know when we get home, reality will hit hard!
I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your friends.

liana - Hi
Love your clock!! And your home is so beautiful!! Had a quick question, I’m drooling over the 2 glass lamps on your entry table, where did you find those? Thanks for all the inspiration!!

Liana Garmon

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - Love your new clock! What a cool piece!

Amy - I love the clock! Madison is a treasure for sure! We just recently moved to Monroe and had no idea you were so close!

Cat - love the clock and your summer list! How much fun!

hometown girl - how fun your summer list! we made smores in the oven and pitched the tent in the family room and watched movies! hope you are well!! susan

Tiffini - amazing clock!!
thank you for reminding me that I have done nothing
with my summer list! ugh..for real. I need to mark at
least a few things off.
I was just thinking the SAME THING about summer. I am beginning
to get depressed thinking about the hurry of school. I do not do
hurry in the morning anymore. I don’t know if it is my Chrohn’s or age
or maybe both but I am not good at it anymore.

I love the slowness of summer mornings when everyone sleeps in but God and me.
do you have to start August 10th? you need to do a post on your homeschooling
i hate asking you 50 questions…lol!

happy friday friend. wish i could hug you in person. glad this blog thing
is finally coming together…sorry taking so long:(

Lemonade Makin' Mama - That is gorgeous girl!! And really? August 10th? Is it because it’s so hot there? I was hearing that schools around the country do it differently according to weather… we don’t go back until after Labor day!! That is sad and way too soon. yesterday I was having that mama moment where I really didn’t want to do school and say good bye to my babies and had the “homeschooling” thing flicker through my brain again. (We aren’t doing it next year, but it sometimes the desire is still there even though I know they are in the best place for right now.) We were just having so much fun! Love my babies. :)

Tracey Peters - Don’t you love Madison! Great clock, what a lovely find! I’m in Social Circle, a little town not too far away from Madison, home of the great Blue Willow Inn!

I just love your blog, so glad I found it! Just getting started in the blog world, still trying to figure it all out, but having so much fun along the way. Come “see” me :)

Christi - Just reading back through your archives – I love the clock! We live in Madison, & LOVE calling our small town home! xo

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