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A business meeting of sorts.

I thought we were in need of a business meeting.
Sounds so official, right?
I’m in my pjs and still sipping on my first cup of coffee, so I’d hardly say we’re fancy over here.
This is just my attempt at filling you in on a few details without pictures.
First up::
I’ve been MIA this week because blogger contacted me to tell me that I need to purchase MORE space.
At that point, I had decisions to make!
FYI…you can’t post any new pictures without the space they’re asking you to purchase.
It seems like it was JUST yesterday that they had me do that for the first time.
Am I out already?
Anywho, I made the plunge and decided to switch to wordpress and have 
I’ll be re-directing you soon to the new site, so the twenty of you that stop by regularly, stay tuned. 
Next on the agenda::
I have my first epidural steroid injection to help with the inflammation in my hip/back.
My appointment is around 2:45 this afternoon…say prayers that it works!!
And finally::
We are set to close on our new house next Friday!!!
I’ve been slowly packing up the rental house…22 boxes packed so far.
This one should be easier since it’s just two miles down the road!!
Hope you guys are having a great week….
not sure I’ll be back before the blog gets switched over.
My brain is FRIED right now, and I’m having a terrible case of writer’s block.
{thankful for}
349.  rain washing away the allergies that have our heads swollen with yuck.
350. a dent in the packing.
351. the return of some joy in my heart…pain has had this girl dooooooowwwwwn.

slip4 - good luck with the moves (both the blog move and the house move!)

Brandi - Congratulations on the new house. Good luck with your move!

Deborah - Lifting you before our Lord now Tara..and sending hugs your way xo
Yes, I’ve had to pay the money for extra space for 2 years now..I think mine was $5.00.
A bit of a pain though huh? :)
I hope your move goes smoothly …at least its not too far :)
Blessings my friend!!

With all my heart…Deborah xoxo

Farmgirl Paints - Praying right now that these injections will be just the thing your body need and that you will have strength for this big move. I’d follow you anywhere girlie. Just let me know where and when. You’ll have to let me know how it goes. I’ve toyed with the idea a lot,

paige - praying your meds will do the trick my friend!!
can’t wait to see ya’ll in your new home
& yippe on wordpress…have been thinking about doing the same :)

Nancy Elizabeth Carey - I had the epidural shots{3} and I really think it made it worse over the years..I never had relief from them. Good luck on yours and I do hope they help you out! Looking forward to your new blog home! I’ve started the process of moving my blog to wordpress but scared to take the plunge without help.

xo nancy elizabeth

Tricia - Oh Tara, I hope your epidural shot works for you, it must be awful feeling like that. I can’t wait to see more of your new house…I hope the move goes well. I’ll be interested to see how your blog move goes too :)

Blondie's Journal - I have heard good things about those injections, I will be thinking of you. Good luck with the move, packing up things is not my forte. I just put away my Easter things! I hope you like WordPress!


jackiekirsche - Your shot was an hour ago. I pray that as I’m typing, you are reveling in such MUCH needed relief!
The big day is fast approaching…so happy for you! :)

Sheri - hoping this finds you in some relief now that it’s 4:30 in the afternoon. I keep saying I’m going to switch over to a .com or .net due to the Shaklee side of the house – but #1 – i’m lazy. #2 – i’m afraid that the blogger base is what is driving my business?? #3 – i’m lazy. Oh, wait did i say that? I need just 1/10 of your energy. Just a 1/10, i’m not greedy.

GLENDA CHILDERS - What? You can run out of space on blogger …

I pray the injection gives you much relief.

I wish I was there to help you pack … I am one of those wierdos that loves packing. Praying for much energy.

ziondreamer - Praying for healing for you!
God bless you on settling in your new home (and your new blog home on WordPress). As always – don’t leave out a single photo of your house! You are an inspiration.

PS, I have gotten through a year of homeschooling. Every monday I still sit at the computer and search jobs and local private schools. But at least now we have some community with other hs families. That has helped immensely. Joined classical conversations, which threw me a lifeline right as I was sinking. Hopes are high for our upcoming year here in Alabama.

Life with Kaishon - I am so excited for you about your new house. And also stressed for you. I know packing and moving is no small task. I surely hope the epidural helped. Saying a prayer that it did!

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