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2013…one last glimpse.

We haven’t been this relaxed in years. Do I dare say we’re grateful that the flu took us down?
This is me going on record saying it..I’m grateful.
Sometimes you don’t know how stressed and run down you are until you’re forced to lay down.

We have read books and watched movies, I’ve spent hours organizing closets and drawers and many other hours were spent on making photo books for our family. Now, instead of being 6 years behind, I’m only 3. Yay!

And now it’s the last day of 2013.  As usual, I’ve spent the last few days contemplating the year and getting any last minute wisdom from it that I can carry into the new year. Do you do that? A year can tell you a lot about yourself.

Last year at this time we were finishing up our amazing family trip to DC. We were supposed to end the trip at my dear friend Michele’s house in Pennsylvania, but I got a baaaaaaad case of food poisoning.

Lydia turned six. She just keeps getting older no matter how many times I tell her to stop.

In late February-early March, out of no where, I lost total hearing in one ear except for an excruciating ringing that I swear nearly sent me to the deep end.  Remember when they thought I had a brain tumor?  Ummm. that was a hard 6 weeks.

In April, our oldest became a teenager, and we suddenly felt old.

We took a beach trip with good friends to South Carolina.

In June, I turned 40!!

We did a laundry room won’t make a magazine, but it sure is more fun doing laundry in there!

2013 was also the year that all of my kids went to school. Lots of change for us this year!!  I’m still adjusting.

We added a new front door to our house!

Andy and I celebrated 17 years of marriage!

Seth turned eleven. He’s still our one that’s full of life and joy.

In October, Andy and I were vendors at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta…what a wonderful experience that was for us!

I fiiiinnnnallly made the anthropologie knock off wreath.

We sold our 1,000 sign in the shop!

I learned a few valuable lessons in parenting.

Christmas was simple this year, and we loved the peace and calm that our home gave us..even in the midst of cancelled plans because of the flu bug!

This whole year has been a lot of  letting go.
A potential brain tumor and a brand new teenager in the house are master teachers!!

I’m a little different..changed for the better. I feel ready for a new year.

What about you? What did 2013 teach you?


paige - oh gosh i do remember the ear thing. whoa.
paleo…are ya’ll going paleo or eating paleo or what is actually the correct way to say that? ( just saw over in your sidebar)

happy new year my friend
thankful for your friendship and the blessing that is your friendship with my girl

Lori H - Happy New Year, Tara! I will need some time to think of 2013 lessons, but I did have many reminders this year of the power of prayer, and the value of people not things, and the swift passage of time.
If you do go Paleo, I would be interested in hearing about it…my husband and I are incorporating some of the tenets, mostly lower carb, fewer grains and hopefully many new recipes that I am searching out in Paleo cookbooks. In your 50’s the old metabolism comes to a screeching halt so I need to make some adjustments :)

laura@top this top that - I hope everyone left the crud behind in 2013. Happy new year to you, andy and your sweet family.

laura@top this top that - Forgot to mention that I just love your family shots.perfect!!

tiffini - ok…LOVE your photo session. i have been wanting to tell you that. LOVE the christmas card one SO much. i didn’t send cards this year..just didn’t have time. thank you for ours. i was looking at last years and luke? or seth…the oldest looks SO much older. you have got handsome boys you know:) and lydia is such a doll
tough. lots of lessons. always processing. grateful for sure
thankful it is over truthfully. expectant for this year. i guess i just want to handle each circumstance with grace…sending you a hug today xo

Erin - Are you going to be offering a discount on signs any time soon? I’m wanting to make a purchase, but I want to hold out for a discount if I can!

Becky @Farmgirl Paints - It taught me to expect the unexpected. God’s plans are so much bigger and better our own. Happy new year friend :-)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Well girl I was thrilled to see 2013 go… but I am crazy excited to see what God has for my family this year. EXCITED!! Can’t remember feeling that way in ages…. Praise Him. And I love that I remember each and every one of your moments that you shared. Love doing life with you sweetie.

Jackie - I’m with Sasha–glad to see 2013 go. It did teach me much, however. Most importantly, how every day is a gift. I intend to savor each one in 2014. Glad to be able to share these days with you. :)

Gina - Our friend Kourtney told me I had to start following your blog because she says we’re a lot alike. Judging by your 2013, I’d say so. Our oldest became a teenager in February . . . I turned 40 in July . . . it was the first year our kids went to school . . . our second turned 11. We only hit 16 years of marriage though. I’m looking forward to reading more. :)

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