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12 Signs of Christmas and a GIVE AWAY for YOU

I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of our 12 signs of Christmas.  It felt long…like it took forever.
We worked with twelve very talented women this year, who each showcased our signs beautifully in their homes.
Of course, I knew what the signs looked like, 
but seeing how each of these women displayed them was such a treat each day!  
Now, that you can see all 12 of this Christmas season’s signs, we’d love to GIVE ONE TO YOU!
Leave a comment telling us which one you’d love to have in your home, and we’ll pick a winner on Monday.
Remember to leave your email in the comment, if you’re not a blogger.
I need to be able to contact you, if you win.
Hope y’all have a great long weekend with family and friends!
Now, check out the signs below and let me know which one you’d like to win….
Silent Night, Holy Night
O Come Let us Adore Him
We Wish You a Merry Little Christmas
May All your days be Merry & Bright
Joy to the World (in red or black)
Holly Jolly Christmas
Star of Wonder, Star of Night
O Holy Night (2X2)
O Holy Night (4X2)
O Come All Ye Faithful
Peace on Earth
*Give away for USA readers only because shipping is a bear.*

Wanderlust - Star of Wonder, Star of Night is my favorite sign! Singing Christmas hymns is my favorite way to focus on Christ during the holiday season, and this sign would be a daily reminder to do just that! I adore your work; thanks for sharing!

ddkverhill - O Come Let Us Adore Him! That is what Christmas is ALL about. This sign would be perfect for our kitchen.

Gigi - Oh my goodness! How to pick just one? I Love everyone of them. I guess I would love to start my collection of these signs with Joy to the World! So cute!

Kristen Pare - I love all your signs and loved seeing each displayed. My favorite is the ‘Joy’ sign in red!

Sarah - Thank you for the chance to win! I love, love, love the 4×2 O Holy Night sign .. The lyrics to that song are so beautiful, It’s one of our favorites at Christmas :-) We live in a 100 year old colonial Victorian and I know exactly where I’d display it! Thanks again! -Sarah

Laurie Cosgrove - Love them all, but especially “Joy to the world” It would look great in my front entry : )

Deidre - It’s SO hard to choose! I love them all but I think the “O Holy Night 4×2″ is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

Julesmcg - I just LOVE the big JOY sign in red. I might be tempted to leave it up all year as a reminder! 3jules at gmail dot com

Jackie at Roots and Wings - I love them all, but the O Come Let Us Adore Him one is my favorite. :)

lori schneider - O Holy Night (4×2). Favorite Christmas song! I have the perfect place where our family can enjoy it the entire season!

slip4 - My husband and I have been discussing this since you started posting them this year! The best we have been able to do is to narrow it to our top 4 : Oh Holy Night (4×2), JOY, PEACE ON EARTH and O Come All Ye Faithful. Picking 4 was hard enough :)

Stephanie - It is so hard to choose! I love them all. I guess I’ll go with Oh Holy Night (4×2). This is my husbands favorite.

Liesl Botbyl - How can we choose just one?! If I had a huge home and lots of money, I’d buy them all. But I’m going to choose “Oh Holy Night” (4×2) as my ultimate favorite.

ErinD - So hard to choose. My favorite is “O Come All Ye Faithful.” Your signs are beautiful!

Donna Breck - I LOVE the O Holy Night sign….it’s my favorite hymn. I love all of your signs, such talented work and such beautiful words to display in a home!

dmw212 - I love peace on earth…I can envision it in my one during the holidays! I enjoyed checking each site for the reveal each day! Loved them all! Thanks for the giveaway!

Erin - Oh my goodness- I love them all! It would have to be between O Holy Night and Joy to the World..or the O come all Ye faithful.. what a hard choice! :) Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kelly - I love them all. Seriously. But I think O Come All Ye faithful would be my choice today:-)

{A*very} Cottage Home - Oh my Miss Tara! What a generous give away! I truly love my signs that you have made for me and I would be honored to have another that is centered around such a blessed event. If I were to choose just one, I would choose the “O Holy Night” 2X2. All of these 12 day of Christmas signs are beautiful and come from such a talented family with such a beautiful heart for Jesus. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

{Heather A} - I absolutely ADORE all of these! Can I just decorate my home with all of your signs? But if I had to choose, I would pick “Peace on Earth”… What a generous giveaway!!! Thank you!

Janie Fox - They are all fab. I like O Holy Night the best but I’d welcome any in my house. Love your work friend!

Leslie McNeil - The first…o come let us adore him … I’ll be singing it all day! Thank you the are so cool.all of them and great inspiration on the blogs too. Merry Christmas!

Sarah - I love these and really, really want one in my home. It’s hard to pick which one I would love to see everyday as we go about our life, or which one I think might get us to stop & remember why & what we are really celebrating.

I love the O Holy Night, but the one that has the most meaning for us is Silent Night- my son was born right after Christmas many years ago so along with some traditional lullabies I sang Silent Night to him & did for several years (until he got to old) as well as to his sister, even in July. It was so peaceful & they comment even now that they feel relaxed when they hear it.

Karissa Mundt - These are all fabulous! But I think my favorite is “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” It reminds me of watching Christmas movies years ago with my grandparents, very special memories for me.

Wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

RMT - My absolute favorite is O Holy Night…such an amazing sign.

Orchardviewcottage - I LOVE have a holly jolly Christmas!!

Sarah - Gosh…its so hard to choose….It would have to be between the “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” or the big “Oh Holy Night”. They are all gorgeous!

Ash - Oh Holy Night 4×2, or May your days be Merry and Bright, yes I love this one. They are all lovely though. I was on instagram and was seeing them all week long… My hubby and I are building a new home and we will be finished in just enough time to be there we think on Christmas Eve! This sign would be PERFECT! I love it sooo much. or you can email me @ Thanks for the chance to enter and crossing my fingers and toes I win haha.

Rachel - I would REALLY love the O Come All Ye Faithful sign. They are all beautiful, though!

About Laura - ‘Oh Holy Night’ 4×2 Breathtaking. Love these signs and photos. That’s my favorite Christmas song. so beautiful.

Debbie - I love them all, but since I need to choose one, O come let us adore Him stands out to me….and I love the shape of the sign. Thanks and blessings, Debbie

Lindsay Firzlaff - I would choose O Holy Night (4×2). I love it’s simplicity, yet the message is so beautiful.

Sarah Coleman - I love all of your signs!!! O Holy Night (4×2) is my fave.

Thank you!!

something beautiful - While they all are amazing, I think I would choose the ‘Come Let Us Adore Him’ sign. Kinda want my whole season of celebration to reflect that message. Thanks for being so generous!!

the tattered nest - I am torn! I have pinned your JOY sign over and over again on pinterest…but I really like the Have yourself a merry little Christmas too! It doesn’t matter which one I would win, I would be over the moon happy to receive one!!!! thank you. Gail

Val - So hard to pick, I love them all! But Peace On Earth really spoke to me. Your signs are beautiful!


Veronica Guajardo - I would love the “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him” sign it would be perfect over our family nativity scene. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of you signs.

Jennifer Copeland - I absolutely LOVE all of your signs!!! Christmas, Family rules, Love Pure…I can’t decide on just one. I have been drooling over your signs for over a year. If I had to pick my fav for Christmas it would have to be, Oh Come Let us Adore Him! I can picture it on my mantel, surrounded by greenery and lights:) I love reading your blog. Most mornings I sit with my cup of coffee and read it… thanks for reaching out and encouraging us all! Jenny

KConn - Love your signs! I would choose the 2×2 O Holy Night sign.

Kim - They are wonderful! I can’t decide which one I would like. I’m already planning for one above my mantel.

Barbara - I agree loved seeing what each creative gal was going to do and they all did great. Love the Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas, it just says it all, thanks for the awesome giveaway, have a great long weekend!

Unknown - Great selection. I think I would pick “Holly Jolly Christmas”, even though “Holy Night 4×2 is about equal. Love, love, LOVE!!!! I love this give away. I don’t have anything liek this for Christmas and I really need to. Thanks.

Abbie - Ooh… I’m so torn on which one I’d want. There are too many great ones! I think I would go with the big red JOY one (but O Come All Ye Faithful is a very close second!) Your signs are amazing. I loved seeing all of them in different homes in the 12 days posts.

Karenrn - I would love to have my most very fav carol, “Silent Night, Holy Night”. They all are great!

Andrea - How does one chose between them? I suppose, if held down and forced to pick, Oh come let us adore Him really speaks to me. Gorgeous!

April - I have been admiring your signs for a few years and the chance to win one is so exciting! I would choose the 4×2 O Holy Night, such a beautiful sign.This piece makes me think of a candle lit Christmas Eve service! Thanks for a chance at winning!

Johanna F - I just love them all but the O Holy Night (2×2) is amazing!!

Dana - Love them all! My favorite is Oh come let is adore him

Kristin Thomas - It’s hard to choose, but after 25 years of marriage (and Christmas decor collecting), I now only buy things that truly represent the meaning of the season. That helps me narrow it down a bit, but still, it’s hard. I’m torn between the large O Holy Night and O Come Let Us Adore Him.

canaanboundbrigade - I love your JOY sign! I think it’d be great if next year you made a sign that said “Jesus is the reason for the season” :)

Jamie - They are all great! I love the “Star of Wonder” one best.

Karen Hendley - Love them all! But my favorite is the ‘Silent Night’ sign.

Kelly Cach - How can I choose? I have reasons for choosing each one, but will stick with a few: O Come Let Us Adore Him (I could leave it up all year!), O Holy Night (favorite Christmas song, and my baby Gabey had a solo in his Kindergarten program with this song…makes me cry every time I sing it now), and the JOY sign (because my hand painted one I made last year looks very Charlie Brown…and not in a good way–hahaha!).

May your sign shop richly bless you this season!!!
I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! (I’m screaming that ;)

Amanda - JOY -that would be my pick! It’s my mom’s middle name and we are estranged. It would be a nice way remember” her. They are all lovely. Thanks -


Kimberly VanDyke - This is a hard choice. It’s between O Come Let Us Adore Him and O Holy Night (4X2). I guess I would pick the O Holy Night. It’s my favorite and it’s my husbands favorite too. I would put it right up between the kitchen and family room. Love your work.

MDP - I would be overjoyed to have ANY of your beautiful signs to decorate with this Christmas season, but I already have the perfect place picked out for “Joy”! :)

Stacy Johanneman - ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and the 4×2 ‘O Holy Night’ are my two favorite although I admire all of them!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

Heather L. - This is easily my favorite giveaway.ever. I have looked forward to each day’s signs and look forward to ordering one this year. Thank you for creating such a charming series of signs. It was a 4-way tie that I think I finally narrowed down to 2. O Come Let Us Adore Him or Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Okay, that’s 2 but it’s just so hard to pick one. I love them all.

Sarah Garner - I LOVE all of these! My favorite is the big oh holy night but I love the star of wonder too!

Denise - So hard to choose. I love the “O Holy Night” 4×2. Your signs are joyful proclamations and reminders of what really matters during busy holiday seasons. Thanks.

Christy - I simply! They are all so lovely! I could find a spot for every single one of them. The big-o “JOY” would look great on my porch with my sled and other rustic stuff. The “O Holy Night” (2×2) would be great anywhere. The “Silent Night” one makes me all warm inside, and all of them make me smile. I LOVE your work. Hope I win. :) Have a happy Labor Day weekend. <3

Michelle - So hard to choose!! They are all lovely and such a great way to keep the holidays focused on what really matters. I would love to have the “O Come Let Us Adore Him”! It would be perfect over our Nativity Scene. Crossing my fingers!! Have a great long weekend!

Robin bonvino - 12 signs of Christmas!!! Oh, my! What a fabulous idea! Each and every one of these signs are truely beautiful, such talent. I am so inspired and now look at all wood in such a different way.
I have the perfect spot for the “O Holy Night” (4×2) and would be honored to own one.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - I’m super smitten with O Holy Night – but you make it a hard choice with so many beautiful possibilities. Happy Weekend!

Katrina Felch - LOVE all of these signs. If I won, it would be so difficult to choose. I would hang it above the mantle or in our entry way. My email is katielech at uwalumni dot com.


Stephanie Hulett - I would LOVE any of the signs, but especially the “O Holy Night,” “O Come let us Adore Him,” or “O Come All Ye Faithful” signs. Hoping to add one or two this Christmas!

I love your blog just as much as your signs. Thanks for your encouraging writing!


corrie L - Love them all!!! I can picture the “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” above my mantel and looking great!!! My e-mail is Thanks, and merry Christmas ;-)

Shannon - This is way to hard to choose!!! I love all of them, they look so beautiful but if I won I think I would go with the Silent Night sign since I love that song :)

Denise - Wow! They are all so amazing. I think I would choose the 2 x 2 O Holy Night sign. My e-mail is

J Renee - I love the O Come let Us Adore Him sign!! That phrase just sums up Christmas to me.
We are planning on moving to France in a years time and I would love to represent for you!! :)

brittanylane - I just love that Silent Night sign!
email is brittanylaneteti(at)gmail(dot)com!

Rebecca Parsons - Love, Love, Love! The O Holy Night signs are my absolute favorite! I’d have a hard time choosing between the two! ;) My e-mail is Thanks! Rebecca

Sarah {Limited Space Organizing} - I adore the Silent Night one! Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. Silent Night is always the last song we sing at church on Christmas Eve. We turn off all the lights and hold candles. Completely magical and makes me tear up ever time because it is so beautiful! Having that hanging on the wall in my home will remind me of that magical moment!!


Raquel - All are so beautiful! I love the O come let us adore him and the O holy night (4×2)

Unknown - Have yourself a merry little Christmas is my favorite b/c Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland singing that song is my favorite movie & movie song ever. Andie MB

sheila - I love the large Joy sign.

Deborah - Love them all but I especially love your Have yourself a merry little christmas sign… well that and Paige’s O Holy Night. Love your signs.

Unknown - I love the O Holy Night one!

Tricia - Wow, Tara….. I can’t decide. They are all so beautiful. I am partial to either of the
“Oh Holy Night” signs. I think if I win they will find there home in my Sunday School classroom for the first year. Then, I will probably have to take them home with me for the next Christmas season! Tricia

Ashley Welling - They are all so beautiful but I have loved your “Joy to the World” in red since last season!!! It would be a great addition to our Christmas decor!

Brooke Hebrink - Oh, good grief….I could simply buy them all! The holidays fill our home with joy and our dreams with wonder. If I HAD to choose just one, I would pick the 2×4 “oh, holy night” sign – just divine! Brooke

flatstolofts - They are all so cool, but I think the ‘JOY’ one is my favorite!

Sarah - Your signs are absolutely gorgeous! It is super hard to pick a favorite, but the “O Come All Ye Faithful” holds a special place in my heart. It has always been one of my dearest Christmas songs. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Corrie - I love the Have yourself a merry little christmas sign!!!! Love them all actually!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

Christie - I LOVE the “Oh come let us adore Him” sign!! They are all so great!! Awesome giveaway!

Liz - I love the 2×2 Oh Holy Night sign!!!!

C Stelter - JOY- is my favorite. Reminds me we should look for joy in all seasons and circumstances.

ginaloup - They’re all beautiful, but O Come All Ye Faithful is my fave!

ginmommy - They are all wonderful, but I think my favorite is JOY! I just love it! :-)

Wendy - So hard to choose, but the “O Holy Night” sign is my favorite. Thanks for the great give-a-way!

Katie @ sweet peas - Silent Night, Holy Night because my parents, sisters & I were able to visit the tiny chapel that Silent Night was written in in Austria. It’s beautiful, and I have such sweet memories of signing Silent Night in it that I would love that sign to remember it by each Christmas :)

Storm - I really like the JOY sign. It would look perfect on my porch:)

Between You and Me - entering for Ellison Bates.

Between You and Me - entering for kpstofer :)

Sarah McGrath - Either of the O Holy Night ones- especially the chalkboard one! I’d love something to be a reminder of the real reason for the season!

Donna - Love them all, but I think my favorite is “O Come let us adore Him”. Thanks Tara!

Between You and Me - entering for momofaubs on IG

Thompson Tales - I love them all….but my favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night, so I would have to go with that one!!!!

Lee and Anna Hogan - It’s so hard to pick just one! I really love “O Come Let Us Adore Him.” Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful signs!

Dandelion Ridge - They are all fabulous but my favorite is
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!!!

AndeM1 - Joy to the World……..Andrea

Julie {Lilacs and Longhorns} - They are all beautiful and I would love to have any one of them in my home! I also love the way each blogger displayed them — simply gorgeous! If I could be so lucky as to win I would want the O Holy Night 4 x 2 size… or the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Really…can’t go wrong with any of them!!

Tracy - This comment has been removed by the author.

Tracy - My husband is a pianist. I would love to have the words to O Holy Night to put by his piano. Your signs are beautiful!

Ms. Knitsalot - Love them all….but Have yourself a merry little Christmas would be one of my top picks. Thanks for the chance to win.

Christina Lewis - It is so hard to pick just one…Peace on Earth. Love your signs!

The Brannens - Love all these!!! Tough decision but I’d probably choose the Joy to the World!

sbernst - Ahhhh! These make me so happy. I think I especially love the O Holy Night (4×2). I want people to see the sign as they walk in our front door and immediately be filled with wonder. Maybe even start to sing. What a way to bring joy to others! -Sherri

krista - These are BEAUTIFUL! I would love the tall JOY sign or Oh Holy Night…my favorite Christmas song!

Susan Joy - Your signs fill my home already! I would love the JOY sign or maybe the Oh Come Let Us Adore Him… all are beautiful!!!

Lauren - Oh, these are so fun! It is hard to choose just one, but I would go with O Come Let Us Adore Him. May that be the heartbeat of our homes this Christmas season as we celebrate Him. Thank you!

Alecia - Theyre all so gorgeous! I’d pick the tall O holy night…it’s my favorite Christmas hymn & I need big for my living room ;-)

Laura - I love the Joy to the world sign – it just looks happy!

Rhiannon Goodbread - 2×2 of Oh Holy Night….the Savior came….what a peaceful thought for followers of Jesus. Love your work.

Peggy W - Tara, this is so incredibly generous and kindhearted of you to do this giveaway! The 4×2 O Holy Night is simply stunning… plus it is one of our all time favorite Christmas hymns (ok I have to admit I have a list if favorites as long as your arm but this definitely makes the top 10!!)
Once again thank you for your generosity!

Linda D - I agree with everyone that it’s so hard to choose a favorite….however, I would have to pick “O Holy Night.” To meditate upon the lyrics is a fervent reminder of God’s gift to us in Christ.
Thank you for a chance to win!

Shelly - So hard to choose, but I’d pick ” O come let us adore him.” Love them all.

Brooke K - What a tough decision! They’re all awesome – if I had to choose, I would pick the “Star of Wonder Star of Night” or “O come let us adore him.” Thank you! ~Brooke

Merri Jo - I would be DELIGHTED to own any of your wonderful signs. I would especially love to have the Oh come let us adore Him sign. Such a beautiful reminder of who should be the focus of my adoration –not only at Christmas!
It is truly lovely how you use your talents & gifts to glorify the one who gave them to you!

Merri Jo
merrijo57 at hotmail dot com

Samantha - LOVE the O Come Let Us Adore Him!! And I love your work!!

Prince Snow Farm - I LOVE the big Oh Holy Night…reminds me of sitting around the console stereo with my dad, listening to the Christmas albums…Perry Como, Bing, Doris Day, Petuala….but honestly, if I won, I would probably say send me any! The girls did an AMAZING job working them into their homes. Love

Tara Brookshire - I choose “JOY”. I love “one-word” pieces of goodness that encourage me and inspire me. It’s the word I will embrace in 2014 and I’d love to wake up to these big, gorgeous red letters every morning as a daily reminder to seek joy.

Nathan and Carri - They are all so wonderful and I would like one of each :)…but I am drawn to star of wonder. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Blessings to you,

Erin McG - What an abundance of beautiful signage! You have quite a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us and allowing us a chance to win one. If I have to choose just ONE than I would love to have the 2×2 O Holy Night. It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs to sing.


Brooke - Oh my goodness!! I *think* I would choose the JOY one!! They are all GORGEOUS though!! :) xo, Brooke

Grace - ‘have yourself a merry little christmas’ always gets me giddy and into the holiday spirits!!

Laura - “Oh holy night” is my FAV!!!!

familyof8 - I love them all and would be thrilled to display any of them. I love the O Come all ye faithful…


Nancy - As with familyof8 I would love to display any one of them in my home. But Oh holy night would be my choice. Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

Dennis Nymeyer - Love them all! Silent Night is my favorite!

Zolane - Absolutely love each one, but my favorite is the 4×2 O Holy Night sign. So beautiful and reverent…it’s message goes straight to the heart. Thank you, Tara, for this amazing opportunity.

Linda - I love Star of Wonder, Star of Night. It is beautiful and I would love it on my mantle.

masseyboysmom - I love Joy to the World and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, it would be very hard to choose.

Verna - Love them all, but if I had to choose it would be between O Holy Night (4×2) because the words are awesome or JOY!

Amber - Love love love the O Holy Night (2×2)! Your signs are so beautiful and full of life!

Robyn - Tara, it is so hard to pick a favorite. They are all so beautiful, so unique and so personal! While O Holy Night is one of my favorite songs, the sign, O Come Let Us Adore Him, speaks volumes to why we celebrate the season. What a beautiful reminder in our home every Christmas, and I’m thinking even year round!
Blessings to you and your family!

Samantha Harmon - I love Paige’s O Holy Night (4×2). As each holiday season is so busy and full of life the words of this verse always brings me back to what the holiday season is truly about. I’d be honored to have this in my home to adore for years to come.

Jenn - Love “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. It is one of my favorite Christmas carols and the sign is gorgeous!

Holly B - Thanks for the giveaway! I love the 4×2 Oh Holy Night, although Silent Night holds special meaning. My mom requested it for her funeral, even though she had no idea she would pass away near Christmas. So it would be a great reminder of her. I’d be so happy with either one!

Jill - I love the “O Come Let Us Adore Him” sign!
Because that’s what Christmas is all about, right? :)

Kat - I simply adore your signs! They are gorgeous! My favorites are “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas” and “may your days be Merry and bright”

Katmackham at yahoo dot com

Michele - I have the perfect spot for the ‘oh come let us adore him’! Love your work!!!

Amy Little - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
My last name is Little and it fits so perfectly! Need I say more?!

Martine Simonis - Thank you for the generous give away, I would love the “Silent Night, Holy Night”. In the bustle of the season it reminds us the true reason we celebrate, and helps us put things in perspective.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper - oh i love the Oh Holy Night 4×2 sign! gorgeous!

Cari - O come let us adore him. This is what all year long is all about. Praise our Saviour and King. Thank you for the opportunity. Cari

Rebecca C - I LOVE the Oh Holy Night 4×2 sign. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway! radurr(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Yvonne - Oh Holy Night….. Favorite Christmas song! It was my mom’s as well. I lost her way too young, I was 21. Tomorrow is the Anniversary of her death in 1975. Sorry, way too much information. I guess feeling sentimental after reading all your posts today and the touching tributes you have about your mom! Love you blog!

Brenna Frew - I love your signs. Its hard to pick a favorite but I think it would be star of wonder, star of night.

Deanna - These look amazing! I think my personal favorite is the silent night one – it would look great in our new living room! :0)

Robyn - Oh Holy Night 4×2 is my favorite! I love the vertical Joy also, love watching them come across my IG feed.

HeatherH - I would love the huge vertical Joy sign as a first choice… or the Have a Holly Jolly Christmas as a second choice… but they are all just so wonderful!! Thanks for the chance to win:

Elaine Neidig - Star of wonder, star of night is my favorite. I love the chalk board look. It was hard to pick a favorite because they are all amazing!!

Callie - I just found you and your lovely signs. I love, love, love the Oh Holy Night Sign! It is my absolute favorite Christmas song!! Love your signs and your blog!

ycannon1 - I am sure you have done your drawing already but I just wanted to say that all of the signs were displayed so nicely! (Hard decision) I would have to choose Oh Holy Night! (4×2)

Carlynn - I’m loving the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. So cute!

Unknown - JOY! That huge Joy sign is awesome. My theme for the past several years has been “Choose JOY”. Because when life is hard there is always something that God has done that is enough to look past your perceived hardship and see the joy in the everyday! I love all of your signs!!

Kimber-Leigh - i love the o holy night lyrics :)

Debra - O Holy Night would be my first pick, but I’d love any of them. They are all great!

Katherine - I would LOVE them all!!! However, I do love the 4×2 O Holy Night so much—

Even if you have done the give away, I wanted to share my fav!

Stacey - How do I order your signs?!

Tara - Hi there!
You can order through the shop that is linked with my blog….on the sidebar. OR, you can order through our Etsy shop…

Jennifer - I adore the O Holy Night signs, especially the 4×2 option!

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